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Dr. Ajaya Kashyap

MD, FACS is a specialist cosmetic surgeon in Delhi, who has more than 26 years experience in the plastic and cosmetic surgery field and is ranked number one as a specialist cosmetic surgeon in India.

  • Board Certified in Skin Surgery
  • 26 years experience
  • Over 1000 successful Skin Surgery
  • An active member of American Society of Plastic Surgeons
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Dr. Ajaya Kashyap

About Tour 2 Cosmatic Surgery India

In modern competitive world, everyone wishes to project a nice personality for making a lasting and memorable impression. Increasing number of people look for ways to ascertain that the world sees their positive side of personality. A great impression goes a long way in climbing up the ladder of success and you ultimately achieve your goal of life. For this reason, cosmetic surgery including face surgery, nose job, body contouring, breast surgery etc is gaining popularity across all major sections of population across the globe. They search for destinations where otherwise expensive cosmetic surgery can be done within a limited budget, giving rise to medical tourism.

India has already become a leading hub for best cosmetic surgery hospitals. India is widely recognized for its expert cosmetic surgeons. Standards of clinics and related infrastructure are world class. Very high quality standards of cosmetic surgery are maintained. India is also an attractive destination for cost-effective surgery. In fact, as compared to the cost of quality cosmetic surgery in developed countries, the costs are dirt-cheap in India. Given the expertise of cosmetic surgeons and low costs, India is now an established market.

At tour2cosmeticsurgeryindia.com, your search for one window to locate best cosmetic surgery clinics, services and surgeons in India ends here. We have contacts with expert surgeons, clinics and concerned people. The site helps in locating best clinics and relevant updated information of the Indian cosmetic surgery market. We give you a tour to medical tourism as you scan our site pages. You can find out the latest development happening in the market, besides locating cost-effective cosmetic surgery solutions in Indian market.

Medical tourism is increasing by leaps and bound in India and you can take advantage of the competitive market. With expertise of top plastic surgeons in India assured and high quality standards of the infrastructure being in place, you can confidently visit India for a variety of surgeries such as reshaping your nose, breast, face or go for weight loss surgery etc. Our site takes you on the tour to medical tourism by providing all relevant details about surgeons, clinics and costs etc. So, scan the pages inside and benefit from your perfect search for low cost high quality cosmetic surgery solutions.

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"The work done by the entire team at the Tour2cosmeticsurgeryindia is incredible. They did a wonderful job and provided assistance throughout my stay in Delhi. Every single movement was facilitated along with the procedures I underwent. "

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Tom Alberts

"The services offered by Tour2cosmeticsurgeryindia were impressive. They ensured I along with my caretaker had no problem during the stay. Also, the doctor who performed the surgery helped us understanding the procedure. I would surely recommend them to those who want to undergo cosmetic procedure in Delhi, India."

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"My entire experience with them was great. From scheduling appointment to taking care of every aspect of our stay, professionals at Tour2cosmeticsurgeryindia were great. I am happy with the results of the procedure and stay, both."

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"Pre and post-tour assistance offered by the team was key in making our stay comfortable and hassle-free. All measures were taken by them to ensure we face no problem. My heartfelt gratitude for their support during my stay in Delhi for the cosmetic surgery I underwent."

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