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With increasing age, women’s skin on the arms starts sagging. It is difficult to lift up the sagging skin with the advancement of age due to accumulating layers of fat. Although exercise can helps tone the muscle, but it does not make much difference. People who lose a lot of weight in short period of time due to post bariatric surgery also have their arms sagging gradually. Arm lift surgery is a perfect solution to bring the arm back to shape.

An arm lift, also called as brachioplasty, is a surgery procedure that help tightens and smoothen the underlying supportive tissue that makes the shape of the upper arm. The surgery is an effective solution to the localized sagging pockets of the fat in the regions of the upper arm. A main reason for sagging and dropping of the skin of upper arms is usually fluctuations in weight and growing older in age. Heredity reasons also may be behind the ailment.

You are a right candidate for arm lift Delhi if undersides of your upper arms are dropping and the skin appears as full due to fat. Those adults having significant upper arm skin laxity and their weight is relatively stable with no medical conditions are suitable candidate for the surgery. The patient should also ideally be a non-smoker with a positive outlook of life.

Before taking up arm lift Delhi surgery, you must be fully aware of your surgical goals. While consulting a surgeon, tell all about your existing medical conditions, medical treatments and drug allergies if any. Make sure that you tell also about any herbal supplements or vitamins you are taking. Any previous surgery you underwent previously must also be brought to the notice of the surgeon. Once you have undergone the surgery, you must follow the guidelines of the doctor to get back to your normal healthy life soon.

The arm lift Delhi surgeon will first evaluate your general health status and any other health conditions to calculate risks. The surgeon will discuss your options and key outcome of the surgery and any risks involved. Do not be shy about asking questions and discussing about your anxiety with your surgeon. There are many qualified and certified arm lift surgeon in Delhi. This site can help you find out the surgeons and hospitals where you will receive quality treatment. You can also know about the costs of the surgery and compare many hospitals to find out your right options.