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Arm Lift

Arm lift surgery procedure, also known as the Brachipolasty procedure, reduces underlying fat and excessive skin from the region between underarm and the elbow. The surgery also reshapes the arm and makes it much thinner with normal contours. Many people develop a sagging skin under the arms after a sudden weight loss. The surgery trims the skin brings the arms back to shape.

Generally, the candidates undergoing arm lift surgery are the ones having excess upper-arm skin and fat after a quick weight loss. Such patients experience loss of upper-arm skin elasticity. They also have weakened tissue in the upper arm. But the procedure is performed on the patients whose weight is relatively stable. The patient must also not be overweight. After the surgery, the arm has a tightened skin and the patient has a proportionate and toned appearance.

For arm lift surgery, the surgeon will evaluate the patient and decide a particular surgery procedure accordingly. The arm lift surgeon can opt to make minimal scar arm lift procedure that remove the excessive skin from the crease of axilla [armpit] and it involves only a small area for opening up the skin and results in short scar after the surgery. The surgeon may opt for traditional arm lift if there is excessive skin hanging just above the elbow. If the excessive and sagging skin and fatty tissue is on the axilla, upper arm and the side of the chest, then the surgeon may opt for extended arm lift [ Thoracic lift].

Before the surgery, the patient is evaluated for BMI [Body Mass Index] to reduce the risks of surgery. The patient is asked to quit smoking at least 2 weeks before the surgery. Also, the patient must stop taking multivitamins and aspirin 2 weeks before the surgery. So, how much time does it takes before the patient is fully recovered from the surgery? The patient takes a minimum of 2 weeks but two more weeks may be required before resuming normal activities. The surgeon advises against lifting heavy objects until that period. By the end of six weeks, the patient may be able to resume an active life.

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