Arm Lift Surgery (Brachioplasty)

What is Arm Lift Surgery?

If you have sagging skin on your upper arms that makes you feel self-conscious then an arm lift, also known as brachioplastym, the best solution for you. During this body contouring procedure, your cosmetic surgeon would trim away excess deposit of hanging skin and remove stubborn fat deposits. Then the remaining will be pulled taut conforming to the new contours of your arms. Once the surgery is done and you are road to recovery, you will discover more youthful and fitter arms that complements the remaining figure.

arm lift surgery

Arm lift surgery makes for an ideal option for those who have recently lost dramatic weight post-bariatric procedure or due to exercise and diet. In addition, this procedure also helps in treating the signs of ageing. There are many surgical methods that can be used for performing this surgery, including a mini-arm lift and a standard upper arm lift. Your plastic surgeon will help you in selecting the right technique on the basis of the natural contours of your arms and aesthetic goals. Irrespective of the type of arm lift you select, the treatment can leave a stunning affect on the overall look. Like many women and men, you might discover that even a subtle alteration in the appearance of your arms can make your entire body look strikingly slimmer and younger.

Just like with other plastic surgery procedures, you can choose to have an arm lift done as a standalone procedure or in conjunction with other procedures as part of a inclusive treatment plan. In most cases, patients prefer combining arm lift with procedures such as breast augmentation, neck lift, brow lift, breast lift, abdominoplasty, thigh lift and facelift.

Who is the right candidate for an arm lift surgery?

After losing dramatic amount of weight and embarking on a program of strict exercise, you might discover that you still have sagging, loose, hanging underarm skin that is symbolic to wings. Although appearance of upper arms can be improved with exercise, this redundant underarm skin remains a matter of problem that fails to respond to exercise.

Here are some of the most common reasons why you might want to opt for an upper arm lift procedure:

  • • You do not smoke.
  • • You have lost significant amount of weight however the underarm skin does not go away
  • • You are a physically healthy person with no chronic medication conditions such as heart disease that can increase or impair surgery risks
  • • You are an adult having significant upper arm skin because of natural process of aging
  • • You are committed to follow a healthy diet and lifestyle
  • • Your weight is close to ideal body weight and you are not overweight

If you have overall good health, realistic expectations and a positive attitude then you are an ideal candidate for brachioplasty.

Procedure: Step-by-Step Guide

How is the upper arm lift surgery performed?

  • • The surgery is performed under either general anaesthesia or intravenous sedation on the basis of the plastic surgeon’s recommendation.
  • • The surgeon would make incisions on your armpits, elbows and arms. The direction, location and length of these incision lines depend on the type of brachioplasty to be performed.
  • • Other incisions will make the necessary incisions for removing excess fat and skin.
  • • The incisions might be completely concealed within the armpits or extended down the inside of your arms in the most hidden areas possible.
  • • Your cosmetic surgeon might use liposuction along with other procedure for removing excess fat.
  • • Once the incisions are made, the surgeon will remove excess deposits of fat and skin and bring together all the incisions to provide a smoother and a firmer contour.
  • • Finally, the skin over the new arm contours is smoothed.
  • • Now incisions will be closed carefully for minimizing scarring. Sutures might be placed below the skin where they will be absorbed by the body.
  • • A compression garment and sterile dressing will be applied along with the placement of drains.

The primary objective of the plastic surgeon and the staff is to help you achieve the best results and make the entire experience as comfortable as possible.

What are the available options for arm lift?

The options will be chosen by the quality of your skin and the extent of excess underarm skin and fat. Your plastic surgeon will help you in making the right decision on the basis of your preferences and anatomy.

Liposuction – Arm liposuction is the right option in case your skin has enough elasticity to shrink around the remaining tissues after fat is removed. If your skin has skin elasticity then then tissue sagging would be even more noticeableafter fat is removed. Liposuction may also be used as an aide for fat removal in a standard brachioplasty procedure.

Limited-incision arm lift – If excess deposit of fat and hanging skin is located near the armpit, your surgeon might be able to pull up and tuck this excess hanging skin into the armpit. This can do wonders if you have crepe-like, loose ski in the lower inner arm area close to the armpit and do not have excess fatty tissue.

Standard arm lift –If your skin resembles bat like shape from the armpit to the elbow then only option is to remove the arm flap completely through standardbrachioplasty.

Extended brachioplasty– This type of arm lift is similar to a standard arm lift procedure. the only difference is the incision mark that is extended along the arm down to the body for including fatty tissue and loose skin that may be under the arm along the side of the chest wall. Loose skin in that part is mostly common in people who have had significant weight loss.

What will the scars and incisions of upper arm lift be like?

The upper arm lift scars depend on the amount of excess tissue you have along with the elasticity of the skin. As a matter of fact, even those who undergo standard arm lift that leads to much larger results are satisfied with the results.

Liposuction – As incisions in liposuction are small, the scars will be small too. In most cases, scars of liposuction fade away and are barely visible over time.

Limited-incision brachioplasty– the scars would be limited to the underarm areas.

Standard arm lift –Incisions are generally made on the inside of the arm and might extend from the axilla, underarm, to above the elbow.

Extended arm lift –the incision made in standard arm lift is extended along the arm down to the body for correcting fatty tissue and loose skin under the arm region.

Arm Lift Recovery

After the arm lift is performed, you will experience some soreness and inflammation. You will get a prescription for easing discomfort and pain. Make sure you sleep and sit elevated with your arms elevated. Clean your surgical drains and change bandages as recommended by the surgeon. In first few days after the surgery, you have to take sponge baths. However, you can start taking shower as soon as your drains are removed. Make sure your incisions are pat dry before replacing bandages.

Physical activity and exercise during surgery

If you are considering undergoing this procedure then take almost three to four weeks off from work to recover from surgery. Avoid heavy physical activity and exercise for first few days or weeks after the procedure. however, moderate exercise and light walk is important because it stimulates healing and reduces chances of blood clots formation. Generally, you can resume moderate exercise after a month or so. In most cases, you should avoid heavy lifting and running along with other such activities for six to eight weeks after arm lift.

Follow-up appointments

Adhere to the follow-up visits as prescribed by your doctor. Most probably, you have to return to the hospital for first follow-up appointment a week after the procedure. during this visit, bandages and sutures will be removed. About four weeks or a month after the surgery, you will have another follow-up in which surgeon would check the results of arm lift. At each of these visits, the surgeon would provide your guidance for better and faster recovery. By adhering to the instructions, you can ensure reduced scarring, faster healing and good results.


The results of arm lift surgery produces great results and are visible right after the surgery. However, you will get to see the best results within three to four months of the surgery, once all the swelling has gone down. At this time, you will notice dramatic change in the appearance of your arms that will appear more toned and slimmer. If you maintain stable weight and healthy lifestyle then the results of this procedure can last for many years to come. It is, however, important to understand that your skin will loose elasticity over years, due to aging process, which will affect the results of the procedure.

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