Mastopexy Cost in India – Affordable Yet Satisfactory

Breast Lift Surgery

Also known as breast lift surgery, Mastopexy is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures to give a better look to the woman’s breast. If you are considering undergoing this procedure in India then you can be assured of achieving outstanding results. As far as Mastopexy cost in India is concerned, it depends on several factors. The fee of the doctor, anesthetic and facility are a few factors that influence the price of the surgery. Also, the addition of breast implants affects the overall cost. Patients should choose a surgeon carefully and discuss the cost with him or her at length. However, keep in mind that fee of an experienced surgeon would be slightly high in comparison to the counterpart.

The average cost of breast lift surgery varies between $ 4,000 and $6,000 and also on the geographical area. Other factors also affect the cost of Mastopexy in India, and it is imperative for you to understand everything for which you are paying prior making any decision. The cost, to an extent, depends on how extensive and long the procedure would be. In case your breasts are very large, have a significant degree of drooping, chances are that you might have to undergo a longer duration and expensive procedure. Thus, it is best to discuss specific requirements with the cosmetic surgeon to find out exactly what type of surgery you will require, and how much you can expect to pay.

A surgeon with a lot of experience, perhaps more than a decade or so, would command high fee for the services he will be providing. Also, there are some surgeons who prefer performing Mastopexy only in a hospital. This would further accelerate the fee and cost involving the surgery. However, this might decrease the chances of developing complications consequential to breast lift surgery. In case, you are required to stay overnight at the hospital then better be prepared to shell out additional amount.

When choosing a surgeon who has expertise in perfuming breast lift surgery, the cost should not be the only factor. If you choose an experienced, board-certified and well-trained surgeon then you can be assured of excellent results. This will decrease the possibility of the procedure going wrong. Given that many surgeons perform the procedure, you can be assured of finding a cosmetic surgeon whose breast lift surgery cost in Delhi is affordable.  Just make sure you do proper research before making the final decision of undergoing breast lift surgery.

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Is There Any Difference Between Female and Male Nose Surgery

Rhinoplasty Surgery

You might know many people who have undergone nose surgery for varied reasons. It is often that people look for facial harmony and ways to enhance the proportions of their nose. In addition, rhinoplasty can also help people suffering from impaired breathing. There are so many important things that you should know before undergoing any plastic surgery procedure. One question that often sets most people worrying – is there any difference between male and female cosmetic procedures.

The decision to undergo any type of cosmetic procedure is not easy to make and is often daunting too.  With the advancement in the medical procedures and availability of advanced and latest tools and technology, it has become possible for cosmetic surgeons to deliver outstanding results when it comes to nose surgery.

Prominent, aristocratic, refined, straight, hooked, Grecian, wide, pinched, button, up-turned, Roman….noses come in several different sizes and shapes. Although a large number of people might be happy and satisfied with the appearance of their nose, there are men and women who are not. Year after year, nose surgery is emerging as one of the most sought-after cosmetic procedures. And, testimony to this is the fact that the number of people opting for this surgery increases each passing year.

There are different reasons for people to consider best nose surgery in Delhi. Men usually complain of the large size, a dorsal hump or asymmetry of their nose whereas women worry about large nasal proportions or a masculine-like nose. And, the differences do not stop here alone. Female and male noses are not created equal because the size of the cartilage, nasal components, skin and bone is larger in males. Also, the ideal nose is different in both sexes.

Despite the fact that gender does play an important role in the differences between female and male noses, for both sexes the rhinoplasty surgery can comprise of some steps that are gender neutral. This includes placement of incision inside the nostrils or base of the nose for accessing cartilage and bone, trimming of cartilage, improving the angle between the nose and the upper lip and removal of a hump with chisel.  However, even with all these similarities, cosmetic surgeons stress that some anatomical components requires to be addressed. In a female nose the dorsum might be shaved with a rasp for reducing the dorsum to feminize it. In males, the dorsum is removed and an infracture is done for reducing the overall size and dorsal hump of the nose.

Irrespective of whether you are female or male, addressing the problems that you are not happy with instead of changing the complete look seems much safer route ensuring satisfactory results.  However, cost of rhinoplasty does not depend on your gender. Rhinoplasty cost in Delhi, in fact, depends largely on your reason to undergo surgery and several other influencing factors.

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Are you Considering Lip Reduction Surgery in Delhi?

lip reduction_surgery

How you appear is important. Looks can make a huge difference in your life. Most people crave for perfect appearance of lips. Having large lips can make you look ugly. It is often that people find it difficult to participate in social activities because of the appearance of the overly large sized lips. If this is also the case with you then lip reduction surgery is the best answer to your problem.

Since the 90s, lip enhancements have been the rage. Many celebrities and elite boast their plumped lips. As per the American society of Plastic Surgeons, lip augmentations have increased by 50 percent in the last few years. However, a new trend is gaining popularity. Lip reduction is the newest cosmetic procedure that has caught the attention of millions of people all over the world. The craze for thinner lips started way back a decade ago in Asia and has now gripped the western world too.

Read on and explore why lip reduction surgery is becoming a popular option among many people.

According to dermatologists and cosmetologists, Asian men and women usually prefer Caucasian features, which are thinner lips, deep eye sockets and narrower cheekbones. In the present day and age, the trend of thinner lips is gaining popularity following the fame of celebrities who have full, sexy lips.

Well, the popularity is so much that men and women across all age groups wish to undergo lip reduction surgery to achieve sensuous lips. What exactly is – an emerging beauty phenomenon or a cultural flip? Who knows? However, irrespective of what the reason is, lip reduction procedure is going to stay here for years and is gaining more and more popularity statewide each passing month. You can browse through Instagram to find out about this procedure’s popularity.

Oh, one interesting thing to mention – it is not only women who crave for reduced lip size. According to several recent articles, an equally large number of men schedule visit with the cosmetic surgeon to adjust the size of their lips.

If you are also considering lip reduction surgery then the best way to get started is by choosing a qualified and well-trained surgeon. Look for an experienced and trained cosmetic surgeon who has specialty in performing facial procedures.

You will come across several such surgeons in the national capital of India, Delhi. Moreover, if you choose a multi specialty hospital for the procedure then also you have to worry not at all about the lip reduction surgery cost in Delhi. As every patient is different and has unique needs, cosmetic surgeons consider your health conditions and specific desire before performing the surgery. This helps in achieving outstanding results.

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Liposuction Surgery – What it is and What it is not!

liposuction treatment

If you are considering undergoing knife for liposuction surgery in Delhi then the first thing you need to do is consult a good cosmetic surgeon who has experience and expertise in performing same. The decision should be made in consultation with your cosmetic surgeon.  However, it is one cosmetic procedure that can treat several issues including the following:

  • You wish to shape and sculpt your body into a realistic and an ideal result
  • Post-pregnancy body
  • Abdominal etching to get rid of a beer-belly and reveal six-pack abs
  • Lipomas, also known as benign fatty tumors
  • Excess perspiration in the armpit area
  • You might be working in a profession where achieving high level of physical perfection is a must
  • You want to reduce fatty deposits in areas such as the neck, face and chin
  • Fat metabolism issues in the body
  • To spot reduce the size of some body parts

A glance what liposuction is and what is not

What it is?

  • It has become the most sought-after cosmetic procedures. The number of people opting for this procedure is increasing each passing year.
  • Many people consider it as a major surgery because it involves anesthesia and usually an operating room or hospital. Also, it has a significant post-operative period for proper healing.
  • It is the best way to get rid of stubborn fat deposits in areas such as chin and neck, flanks (sides and back), arms and back, lower body and tummy area.
  • It is the body sculpting at its best. You can choose the body parts you want to treat. Your buttocks can appear much toned and tighter, abdominal area flatter and calf muscles more defined.

What it is not?

  • It will not help you in overcoming the problem of obesity.
  • A diet. You still have to be cautious in your diet. What you eat and in what amount you eat has to be measured. The main purpose of the procedure is to balance the fat distribution in body by eliminating in storage or problem areas.
  • It is not an immediate image fixer. Well, you need to understand this before commencing with the decision to opt for liposuction surgery in Delhi. It will not help you accomplish your desire to look perfect, so make sure you have realistic goals and positive attitude.
  • You will not get rid of fat cells. And, in case you put on weight again and it reaches the operated area, you will be back to square one.

So, consider all these factors before plunging to decision of undergoing liposuction surgery.

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Facelift Surgery in Delhi: Factors to Consider Before Plunging to the Procedure

facelift surgery

Injectable fillers and Botox are gaining immense popularity, however the facelift, with its long-lasting outcomes, is holding its own. As per the statistics and records released by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the number of people opting for facelift laser treatment is increasing at a fast pace. There is almost a 2.5 increase in the facelift procedures performed in 2011 to 2012.

If you are considering undergoing facelift surgery in Delhi then there are so many important things you need to think about. Here, we bring to you some key factors that you should pay attention to in case you want to turn back the clock and look and feel young.

How will you look different?

When it comes to the results of a good facelift treatment, you will look younger as if you had relaxed and rejuvenated. You will look and feel refreshed.

Am I the right candidate for this procedure?

When it comes to this cosmetic procedure, there is no set profile or age. Your chosen cosmetic surgeon would recommend you the best options after consultation. He will advise you on the basis of your skin, goals and age.

Type of facelift you should consider

It is extremely important for you to find the board-certified and experienced surgeon before choosing the right surgical method. If you like the results of the facelift of your chosen surgeon, irrespective of method, you are on the track to get the results you have been craving for.

Duration of surgery and recovery time

It depends entirely on the extent of the facelift procedure. While a mini-facelift lasts for two hours, standard facelift treatment take around three to four hours and might go up to six hours when combined with brow or eyelid surgery. As far as recovery time goes, it varies, however, generally, noticeable bruises and swelling goes down in two to three weeks.

What all to look in for a cosmetic surgeon?

You will find before and after pictures on the website of the cosmetic surgeon and you can also ask for additional photographs. It is important to ensure that you and the surgeon is on the same page. This helps you build confidence. Ensure that the surgeon you select is board certified.

Risks associated with the procedure

Just like any other cosmetic procedure, there are associated risks with the facelift surgery too. Chances of infection always prevail however are rare. Bleeding after surgery might lead to hematomas. Healing is uneventful unless you smoke. In addition, nerve damage is also temporary. As far as these risks are concerned, they are related to the skills of your surgeon however there are perils even if your surgeon is best in the operating room.

Duration of the results of the facelift in comparison to fillers

While fillers add temporary volume to tissues that are delayed, the results of facelift would last for years to come, though longevity depends on the weight changes, quality of skin and several environmental factors like excessive sun exposure.

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What is the most common Plastic Surgery and types of procedures?

cosmetic surgery procedures

Plastic surgery is one the main branches of medical science that deals with the correction and restoration of function and form. It is often that people associate it with cosmetic surgery that is partially wrong. There are several plastic surgery procedures that have no cosmetic purposes such as hand surgery, reconstructive interventions and burn treatments, among many others.

Plastic surgery involves cosmetic interventions, but only to an extent. Some commonly performed procedures are facelifts, breast augmentation, liposuction and rhinoplasty. The results of plastic surgery procedures boost self-confidence and self-esteem as it makes a person feel beautiful again.

If you are considering plastic surgery in Delhi then here are a few main types of procedures.

Breast procedures:

Perhaps, breast augmentation is the most commonly performed procedures. It is performed making use of silicone or saline breast implants. On the basis of the body’s implant size, anatomy and personal desire, women can select the placing technique: incisions around the nipples, under the breasts or in the armpits. Lifting procedures are equally popular among women who crave for better-looking breasts.

Breast reductions are usually pursued by women who think their chests are way too big for the size of their body, whereas reconstruction interventions are then designed for those with serious health conditions like cancer, for instance, that needs a mastectomy.

Body procedures:

Contouring bodily procedures are meant for treatment that can boost the overall appearance of a woman or arm’s buttocks, intimate parts of body, torso and legs. Liposuction and tummy tuck are two of the most commonly performed procedures. Liposuction procedure is done on different body parts such as stomach, face, thighs, buttocks and arms and its main purpose is to remove deposits of tissue. People who want to get rid of excess pockets of body fat and skin can opt for more comprehensive procedure – tummy tuck, medically known as abdominoplasty.

Facial procedures:

The primary purpose of facial surgery is to beautify and rejuvenate the face. Most common interventions are face lifts and rhinoplasty. In the present times, even people in their 30s prefer these procedures so that ageing process can be postponed.

Minimally invasive procedures include thread and liquid lifts. Older people can go for more advanced procedures such as deep-pane lifts and mid-face lifts. It is often that face lift is performed in conjunction with other cosmetic procedures such as forehead or neck lift to ensure that the entire facial appearance is rejuvenated.

Rhinoplasty is yet another commonly performed cosmetic procedure. It reshapes and resizes the nose giving it more appealing and better contour. Even this procedure is often performed in conjunction with other facial cosmetic procedures.

Combined cosmetic procedures:

With development in the field of cosmetic branch of medicine, it is now possible for cosmetic surgeons to combine several procedures for more efficient and effective treatment. The most popular cosmetic treatment is the Mommy Makeover. It comprises of torso enhancement procedures, tummy tuck and breast augmentation. When these procedures are performed together, mothers would be able to regain their pre-pregnancy figure.

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Why Autologous Fat Transfer Popular in Breast Augmentation Surgery?

breast fat transfer

Autologous fat transfer or breast fat transfer is gaining increasing popularity as it is considered as a more natural option for increasing size of breast than implants. Technique and technology has made it possible for women to undergo breast augmentation surgery without having to place implants. You can get fat removed from any part of your body and transfer it to the breasts.

How does breast fat transfer work in breast augmentation surgery?

The first step in this procedure is the extraction and preparation of the fat from the patient’s own body.  This basically is liposuction on those parts of the body that you want to shed off fat so that you can get it moved to your breasts. After this, harvested fat is purified through filtering and centrifugation method for removing the blood and fluid so that only fat cells are left.

Then the surgeon injects those fat cells into your breasts. They have to work for regaining the blood supply and joining other existing living fat cells in your breasts. If they are not able to find the apt blood supply, they would die and your body would absorb them.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of breast fat transfer?

To begin with, there is a limit to the amount of fat that can be transferred in each procedure. It helps in controlling the size each time a patient undergoes the knife. According to studies and research done, you can go up one cup size in one procedure. Thus, depending on how big breast size you want, you might require more than one fat transfer process. This particular procedure is much better an option for those women who want only a small increase in breast size. second, the procedure might not be easy for thin women as they have limited body fat so it might become difficult for the surgeon to find enough for the procedure.

As stated above, one important thing to take into consideration is that with breast fat transfer, not all the transferred fat would be successful in implanting into the breast and would be reabsorbed into the body. Each patient is different thus you better be prepared for this too. This is also the reason why some women prefer undergoing second breast fat transfer procedure after the first.

It is estimated that nearly seventy percent of the inserted fat would remain in the breast a year after the procedure. Any non-survival or reabsorption of transferred fat is evident within three months. It is primarily because of this reason that it is prudent to schedule second procedure for increase in breast size to around three months after the first procedure. The search is being done continually to increase the rate of fat transfer survival.

The appeal of breast fat transfer is that it uses your own fat tissue and thus would appear more natural than artificial implants. Yet another bonus is that you do not have any type of foreign material into your body thus the peril of BIA-ALCL, capsular contraction and other side effects of silicone or saline do not exist.

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Post Massive Weight Loss Surgery: Get an Hourly Shaped Figure!

Post Massive Weight Loss Surgery

Putting on excessive weight is worrying about it invites several health problems. There are people who try to get rid of excess weight by following a stringent diet or exercise, however fail to achieve desired results. Such people can now opt for post massive weight loss plastic surgery and achieve the desired figure. Plastic surgery when performed after significant weight loss can help in reducing excess deposits of fat and skin left behind after shedding those extra kilos.

The main aim of this surgical procedure is to restore attractive proportions by removing loose and sagging skin around the breast, buttocks, face, thighs, neck, abdomen and upper arms that creates unsightly contour. Although these surgeries leave scars behind, the fact is that most patients accept them as trade off for enhanced and improved appearance.

When is the right time to undergo post massive weight loss plastic surgery?

  • If you think that you have reached stabilized weight after exercise, Bariatric surgery or diet.
  • If you have loose and sagging skin different areas such as thighs, back, abdomen, face, breasts, arms and neck.
  • If you have lost massive weight and want to get rid of those stubborn fat and tissue deposits.


  • The surgery improves self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Get rid of overhanging skin that causes infections, rashes and painful chafing
  • You can get rid of loose and sagging skin so that you can fit perfectly in the clothes of your choice


It is often that people think who all can undergo post massive weight loss surgery. It is important to understand that it can be very distressing and discouraging to achieve weight loss yet one has to contend with an excess deposit of skin that keeps you away from wearing the clothes you like most. Excess deposit of skin can bring along discomfort, pain and rushes along with hard to get rid of infections. This particular cosmetic procedure makes for an ideal solution for those would like to remove excess skin from the body. There are different body contouring procedures that are performed as the part of the post massive weight loss plastic surgery.

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Mommy Makeover Surgery: Get Pre-Pregnancy Look

mommy makeover surgery

Moms willingly make several sacrifices for their children. It is quite common form women to undergo several changes after pregnancy. However, it is now possible to get back to the youthful figure. A mommy makeover surgery can help in restoring the pre-pregnancy figure of a woman. The results of the surgery are pleasing and you will experience boost in self-confidence. Also known as post-pregnancy procedure, it has gained immense popularity in recent years.

It is a combination of different cosmetic procedures that help in restoring the look and appearance you had before pregnancy, typically focusing on the abdomen and breasts. Usually, a makeover surgery includes an abdominoplasty, reduction or lift and liposuction of trunk, legs and arms and a breast procedure like an augmentation. Although the term mommy makeover might be new, however the procedures involved have a safe, successful and long track record.

When can you consider mommy makeover procedure?

  • If there are pockets of fat deposited on your thighs, waist, arms and abdomen that do not show improvement with exercise and diet
  • If you are distressed and worried about the stretch marks and sagging and loose skin on tummy
  • If your pregnancy has affected the shape and size of your breasts in a negative way

Advantages of mommy makeover surgery

  • Helps you in gaining a more youthful and refreshing body appearance
  • Your favorite clothes and swim wear fits better
  • Helps in restoring a more flat tummy and youthful bust

Who can undergo this surgery?

The combination of mommy makeover procedures help in reversing the physical changes associated with ageing and child bearing. If birth of a child has left you with the following characteristics then you can consider undergoing this surgery:

  • You had caesarean and now there are fat deposits hanging over the surgical scar
  • You have decreased volume of breast, stretched areolas, sagging breasts, drooping nipples and uneven breasts
  • You have early signs of ageing around the eyes and face
  • Your waistline has become undefined and thick and there are stretch marks and loose skin on your tummy
  • There are excess deposits of fat in the love handle area and in the thighs and hips
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Lip Surgery – Improve the Size and Shape of the Lips

Lip reduction surgery

Lips tend to be an important facial feature. Most people dream of having seductive and beautiful lips that can add to their overall look and appearance. However, there are many people who are not happy with the shape and size of their lips. If you are also one of those people, then lip surgery in Delhi can help you achieve the desired goal.

There are two types of lip surgery – lip augmentation and lip reduction surgery. While lip reduction surgery is performed for increasing the size small lips, lip reduction aims at reducing the size of excessively large lips.

Lip Reduction

In most cases, it is the lower lip which is bulky when compared to the upper lip. Lip reduction surgery is performed under local anesthesia. The excess fat and tissue that has to be removed is marked from one corner of the mouth to the other. Using the radiofrequency or laser cutting device, the tissues are removed, bleeding is controlled and then the area is stitched. As the entire surgical procedure is performed inside the lip, there is no scar mark.

Usually, it is performed as an outpatient procedure and a patient is discharged within a few hours following the surgery. It is only in a few cases that a patient has to stay in hospital. The swelling would subside within a few days of the surgery. Adhere to the instructions given by the cosmetic surgeon.

Lip augmentation

Lips can be increased in size too. They can be made to look plump and fuller by using injectable fillers or implanting tissues such as dermal skin or fat by surgical means.

Lips can be made to look fuller and plump by using injectable fillers or implanting tissues such as fat or dermal skin element by surgical means. Given that injectable filler is a simple method, all it takes is five to ten minutes to complete the procedure. These collagen or hyaluronic based fillers are inserted within the lips making them more bulky. Such fillers usually last for one to three years. Body’s own fat, autologous fat, can also be transferred.

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