Five Reasons to Undergo Chin Augmentation Surgery

chin augmentation surgery

Chin augmentation surgery is perhaps one of the lesser known cosmetic surgery procedures. It may appear an odd choice yet it can take care of a several facial imbalances and aging issues that help people to feel confident about their overall look. Here we bring to you a few reasons why people are opting for this procedure.


It is often that people think they are satisfied and happy with their facial appearance however they feel their profiles lack definition. Well, it is important to know that chin plays a significant role to play in your profile.  Though some people are satisfied with their facial appearance, they think that their profile seems to be very flat. This is exactly where a chin augmentation surgery can come to your rescue. it can add that shape needed to offer a more pleasing and attractive profile without affecting the person’s appearance when viewed straight on.

We can also see a simple chin augmentation procedure can do wonders for the face:


If you look in the mirror and fail to see the symmetry that they might find in the face of other people then there is nothing to worry. It may seem that someone might opt for a nose surgery before adding to their chins. However, in most cases, what might appear to be a larger nose might in fact be the disproportionate chin to the face. In such a case, cosmetic surgeon might recommend chin augmentation surgery for adding symmetry and balance to the face.

Weak chin:

Some people do not have a chin at all. Be it from profile or front view, it is clear that their chin either appears to be lost or too pushed in the sagging facial skin or neck. This is when a chin augmentation can define a more pleasing look making your face appear more elegant and charming and adding more character to it.

weak chin surgery

Rounder faces:

There are many people who are not happy with the look of their very round face. This surgery can provide more of a pleasing heart or oval shaped face that will make your face appear more refined and delicate. This one change can make a dramatic difference and can make someone from attractive to beautiful with a small addition of a prominent chin.

rounder chin surgery

Shorter faces:

There is yet another segment of people having shorter faces. Some faces appear too short simply because of a shorter mouth area or chin. When more length is added to the chin, face becomes in proportion with remaining facial features. This makes your face look beautiful.

shorter face chin surgery

These are just a few of many reasons why patients should consider chin implant surgery. Before making the decision to undergo the procedure, ensure you consult a board-certified, experienced, qualified and trained surgeon who can help you understand the procedure and intricacies and risk associated with it. Although the cost of chin augmentation surgery in Delhi is affordable, it varies from surgeon to surgeon and depends on several factors.  Factors such as:

  • Fee of the doctor and anesthesiologist
  • Surgical facility charges
  • whether or not chin augmentation would be performed alone or in conjunction with other procedures
  • before and after surgery medication

 So, talk to your doctor and clear all your doubts regarding the cost involving the procedure and the surgery itself.

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