Liposuction Surgery – What it is and What it is not!

liposuction treatment

If you are considering undergoing knife for liposuction surgery then the first thing you need to do is consult a good cosmetic surgeon who has experience and expertise in performing same. The decision should be made in consultation with your cosmetic surgeon.  However, it is one cosmetic procedure that can treat several issues including the following:

  • You wish to shape and sculpt your body into a realistic and an ideal result
  • Post-pregnancy body
  • Abdominal etching to get rid of a beer-belly and reveal six-pack abs
  • Lipomas, also known as benign fatty tumors
  • Excess perspiration in the armpit area
  • You might be working in a profession where achieving high level of physical perfection is a must
  • You want to reduce fatty deposits in areas such as the neck, face and chin
  • Fat metabolism issues in the body
  • To spot reduce the size of some body parts

A glance what liposuction surgery is and what is not

What it is?

  • It has become the most sought-after cosmetic procedures. The number of people opting for this procedure is increasing each passing year.
  • Many people consider it as a major surgery because it involves anesthesia and usually an operating room or hospital. Also, it has a significant post-operative period for proper healing.
  • It is the best way to get rid of stubborn fat deposits in areas such as chin and neck, flanks (sides and back), arms and back, lower body and tummy area.
  • It is the body sculpting at its best. You can choose the body parts you want to treat. Your buttocks can appear much toned and tighter, abdominal area flatter and calf muscles more defined.

What it is not?

  • It will not help you in overcoming the problem of obesity.
  • A diet. You still have to be cautious in your diet. What you eat and in what amount you eat has to be measured. The main purpose of the procedure is to balance the fat distribution in body by eliminating in storage or problem areas.
  • It is not an immediate image fixer. Well, you need to understand this before commencing with the decision to opt for liposuction surgery in Delhi. It will not help you accomplish your desire to look perfect, so make sure you have realistic goals and positive attitude.
  • You will not get rid of fat cells. And, in case you put on weight again and it reaches the operated area, you will be back to square one.

So, consider all these factors before plunging to decision of undergoing liposuction surgery.

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