Mastopexy Cost in India – Affordable Yet Satisfactory


Also known as breast lift surgery, Mastopexy is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures to give a better look to the woman’s breast. If you are considering undergoing this procedure in India then you can be assured of achieving outstanding results. As far as Mastopexy cost in India is concerned, it depends on several factors. The fee of the doctor, anesthetic and facility are a few factors that influence the price of the surgery. Also, the addition of breast implants affects the overall cost. Patients should choose a surgeon carefully and discuss the cost with him or her at length. However, keep in mind that fee of an experienced surgeon would be slightly high in comparison to the counterpart.

The average cost of breast lift surgery varies between $ 4,000 and $6,000 and also on the geographical area. Other factors also affect the cost of Mastopexy in India, and it is imperative for you to understand everything for which you are paying prior making any decision. The cost, to an extent, depends on how extensive and long the procedure would be. In case your breasts are very large, have a significant degree of drooping, chances are that you might have to undergo a longer duration and expensive procedure. Thus, it is best to discuss specific requirements with the cosmetic surgeon to find out exactly what type of surgery you will require, and how much you can expect to pay.

A surgeon with a lot of experience, perhaps more than a decade or so, would command high fee for the services he will be providing. Also, there are some surgeons who prefer performing Mastopexy only in a hospital. This would further accelerate the fee and cost involving the surgery. However, this might decrease the chances of developing complications consequential to breast lift surgery. In case, you are required to stay overnight at the hospital then better be prepared to shell out additional amount.

When choosing a surgeon who has expertise in perfuming breast lift surgery, the cost should not be the only factor. If you choose an experienced, board-certified and well-trained surgeon then you can be assured of excellent results. This will decrease the possibility of the procedure going wrong. Given that many surgeons perform the procedure, you can be assured of finding a cosmetic surgeon whose breast lift surgery cost in Delhi is affordable.  Just make sure you do proper research before making the final decision of undergoing breast lift surgery.

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