Mommy Makeover Surgery: Get Pre-Pregnancy Look

mommy makeover surgery

Moms willingly make several sacrifices for their children. It is quite common form women to undergo several changes after pregnancy. However, it is now possible to get back to the youthful figure. A mommy makeover surgery can help in restoring the pre-pregnancy figure of a woman. The results of the surgery are pleasing and you will experience boost in self-confidence. Also known as post-pregnancy procedure, it has gained immense popularity in recent years.

It is a combination of different cosmetic procedures that help in restoring the look and appearance you had before pregnancy, typically focusing on the abdomen and breasts. Usually, a mommy makeover surgery includes an abdominoplasty, reduction or lift and liposuction of trunk, legs and arms and a breast procedure like an augmentation. Although the term mommy makeover might be new, however the procedures involved have a safe, successful and long track record.

When can you consider mommy makeover procedure?

  • If there are pockets of fat deposited on your thighs, waist, arms and abdomen that do not show improvement with exercise and diet
  • If you are distressed and worried about the stretch marks and sagging and loose skin on tummy
  • If your pregnancy has affected the shape and size of your breasts in a negative way

Advantages of mommy makeover surgery

  • Helps you in gaining a more youthful and refreshing body appearance
  • Your favorite clothes and swim wear fits better
  • Helps in restoring a more flat tummy and youthful bust

Who can undergo this surgery?

The combination of mommy makeover procedures help in reversing the physical changes associated with ageing and child bearing. If birth of a child has left you with the following characteristics then you can consider undergoing this surgery:

  • You had caesarean and now there are fat deposits hanging over the surgical scar
  • You have decreased volume of breast, stretched areolas, sagging breasts, drooping nipples and uneven breasts
  • You have early signs of ageing around the eyes and face
  • Your waistline has become undefined and thick and there are stretch marks and loose skin on your tummy
  • There are excess deposits of fat in the love handle area and in the thighs and hips

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