9 Tips for an Early Recovery from the Eyelid Surgery

eyelid surgery

Blepharoplasty Surgery or Eyelid surgery is a surgery in which tissue near the eye is removed or repositioned. At the time of the surgery, external incisions may be prepared in the natural folds and creases of the eyelid or in many cases, incisions can be prepared on the within of the eyelid.

The whole process consumes about three hours, and patients can start again their daily activities in next few days. No doubt, a full recovery may consume a few months. To speed up the process of eyelid surgery recovery, it is essential to work on the important post operative instructions shared to you from the side of a surgeon. No doubt, a surgeon may be more particular but here you can find the normal guidelines and assisting Blepharoplasty recovery tips to follow for a perfect and on time recovery:

1. Rest: After the surgery what is actually important is good rest. The patient should take complete rest for few days. There is no need to keep the eyes closed, just simply relaxed. Reading, watching TV, and making use of the PC are right activities but may not be so simple in case some swelling and momentary blurred vision.

2. Take Help of your Loved One: you should confirm that you have a friend near you to assist you with regular jobs which includes bath or eating for first three days. It is better to avoid bending over and straining yourself bodily.

3. Apply Cold and Warm Compresses. It is better to treat your eyelids with cold compress on the day of the surgery. After 24 hours, you will then desire to switch to warm compresses. A spotless washcloth wet with warm water works fine. You can do it for approx three times a day for some moment at a time.

It will help you reducing the swelling as well as bruising. It is really helpful in curing the pain. Possibly, you can face mild pains are normal, but if you experience high pain, it is better to take an appointment with surgeon.

4. Use Ointment Cream: You can apply any ointments or even antibiotics with your finger. The surgeon will expect to prescribe some kind of topical ointment for the eye lids and nearby area. When applying them, you can make use of a clean finger and avoid a cotton ball during the first few days to avoid parting cotton pieces at the back that annoy the sutures.

5. Avoid Soap: After Blepharoplasty Surgery, you should avoid making use of the soap for washing hair or even showering.

6. Keep the Cut Clean: The surgeon will expect provide you detailed sign of how to clean the area. It will help you in avoiding the infection as well as other complications.

7. Avoid Makeup: Never go for any sort of makeup for at least two weeks. It may be appealing to try to cover up the bruising as well as swelling around the eyes, however, the cosmetics will just obstruct with the remedial.

8. Be Patient: You may think that you lost a fight for small time redness, bruising, swelling and redness. In many cases, you may some sort of bleeding as well for few weeks. A patient will takes around six months to totally get recover.

9. Use the Medicine Properly: Make use of the doctors prescribed eye drops for 1 month. It is well known fact that the eyelids not to totally close for the first three weeks subsequent the eyelid surgery and this often results in dry eyes.

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