Breast Lift Surgery Delhi

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Breast Lift Surgery Delhi

Breast lift surgery procedure is widely considered by many as the best option for bringing back the shape and size of breasts. Also known as Mastopexy, breast lift surgery firms up uneven and sagged breasts, lifts drooping nipples, enhances decreased breast volume to give women a youthful appearance. In case a breast volume of a patient is too little, the surgeon will perform a breast reduction procedure. If the issue is of too much of breast volume, breast augmentation surgery procedure will be followed. The surgery is popular with women who are not satisfied and pleased with appearance of their breasts.

Women should consider undergoing breast lift surgery Delhi when the tissues that surround nipples have become overstretched. In some cases, the surgeons do not find breast implant procedure enough to reshape breasts and in addition to that they do breast lift surgery to contour breast to a women’s desire. In other instances, women undergo breast lift surgery as beast become uneven due to pregnancy, nursing, weight gain, heredity and ageing.

You are right candidate for breast lift surgery if you are in a good health and maintain stable weight. If your one breast is lower than other and nipples are not supported well and point downward. Women whose beasts are flatter or have lost shape should also think of undergoing breast lift surgery. But make sure that you take an informed decision while thinking of reshaping your breasts.

Before performing breast lift surgery Delhi, the surgeon will consider many of its aspects. The surgery procedure starts by putting the patient under intravenous sedation or general anesthesia. The incision on the breast will be made on an area carefully identified by the surgeon for removing breast skin and reshaping the breast. Generally, the surgeons determine areola or nipple position and size, breast shape, skin, size, degree of breast sagging and how much extra skin the patient has. It takes three to four hours for a surgeon to complete breast lift surgery procedure.

When you visit a breast lift surgeon in Delhi, go well prepared with many questions to ask. You should set your surgical goals such as looking great and tell it to your surgeon. You must also clearly tell about any medications or treatments you take and drug allergies if any you suffer from. The surgeon must also know about your previous surgeries, family history of breast cancer, previous biopsies or any other ailment.