Breast Reconstruction

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Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction surgery is ideal for women who want to rebuild their one breast mound to make sure that it matches with the size and shape of the other breast. They can have the missing nipple and its area added to the breast. A majority of women whose breast has been removed due to mastectomy surgery opt for breast reconstruction to reshape and rebuild the breast. Sometimes women suffering from breast cancer and a part of the breast removed also think of reshaping their breast.

Women who are thinking of having the reconstruction surgery should consult a surgeon, especially an experienced plastic surgeon. If you have any tumor in the breast, make sure that you have it removed first before undergoing the knife of the surgeon.

After the breast reconstruction surgery, your chest will look much balanced and you can confidently wear a bra or swimsuit. You will also permanently regain your breast shape. There is no need any more for you to use a piece of foam to fit it inside of the bra to make the breast look balanced in shape. Breast reconstruction is ideal for women who want to regain their confidence by getting the breast reshaped again.

Another major advantage of breast reconstruction surgery is that in many cases it has been found that it helps in keeping breast cancer away from coming back. In case if cancer comes back, it will not pose any hurdles in chemotherapy or radiation treatment. Often, the surgeons use a breast implant as an option to reconstruct the affected breast after the surgery in case there is need to remove the cancer. In the final phase of the surgery, the surgeon reconstructs nipple and areola areas. A separate surgery is done to give final touch to the breast to make it look like an original breast. This surgery for reshaping the nipple is usually conducted 3-4 months after the main breast surgery.

Before undergoing breast reconstruction surgery procedure, you should ask some questions to the surgeon. Ask if you can have breast reconstruction and when can you have it done? Find out the pros and cons of the surgery for you. Know if you should have the breast surgery done simultaneously while having cancer surgery or have it done later. Ask the surgeon whether or not the surgery will interfere with chemotherapy. Such questions when answered to your satisfaction will add to your confidence for taking breast reconstruction surgery as your step to reshape a deformed breast.