Breast Reduction Surgery

What is breast reduction surgery?

There are many women who have overly large size breasts that cause embarrassment and awkwardness. If you are having the same condition then you can now opt for breast reduction surgery to achieve desirable breasts.

breast reduction surgery

A breast reduction is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures that is done to remove skin, tissue and fat for reducing the breasts size. The results of the procedure are excellent and can help in relieving physical strain consequential to large breasts. Women who feel self-conscious about their figure would enjoy a youthful-looking bustline. If you suffer discomfort and pain because of large breasts then breast reduction surgery is the right option for you.


If the surgery is done on the right candidate then the results are outstanding. Many women who undergo this procedure report a great reduction in physical pain and discomfort, and also the overall improvement in the quality of life. So, if you have overly large breasts that restrict your normal activities and triggers back and neck pain, then breast reduction might be just for you.

Who is an ideal candidate for reduction mammaplasty?

Patients with sagging, large breasts are the right candidates for breast reduction procedure. large breasts can trigger back and neck pain often causing restriction in activities and lifestyle, causing indents where bra straps are supported or shoulder pain. In some cases, patients also suffer from breathing problems. Both men and women can undergo this procedure, as both genders can feel the burden of overly large breasts. After breast reduction surgery, men and women achieve a better and proportional figure and renewed sense of confidence in their overall appearance.

Breast reduction surgery can help you enjoy a better and improved life as it alleviates pain and discomfort in shoulders, back and neck. You can choose from a wide variety of clothes and wear anything you want without feeling self-conscious about breast size. In case you are considering undergoing this procedure, make sure you discuss details with the cosmetic surgeon.

How to prepare for surgery?

You will meet the surgeon before undergoing the procedure. during your initial visits, you will learn about the procedure and its related information. The surgeon will also help you deciding the technique for breast reduction, provide guidelines to prepare for the surgery, and educate about the entire procedure. Further, he or she will also update you about the benefits, risks of the procedure and what you should expect before and after the surgery. These pre-operative discussions will help you understand the procedure and that it will go smoothly.

The Procedure

Before starting, the plastic surgeon would conduct a consultation during which he will discuss the medical history and goals, and this will help in determining whether or not you are the right candidate for the procedure. the entire duration of the procedure lasts for two to three hours. The surgery can be performed as a standalone procedure or in combination with other procedures. The surgery will be performed as follow:


The surgery will be done under general anaesthesia. In other words, a patient will be completely asleep during the surgery. It is an outpatient procedure, however patients might have to stay in the hospital for a day or two.


The incision will be made using one of three methods – a vertical incision: around the areola and vertical down the breast for less scarring; an anchor incision: traditional incision that is made around areola, vertical down the breast, and then horizontally along the crease; scar less incision: tiny or small incisions are made at the armpit or at the crease of the breast and liposuction method is used for removing fat.

Breast reduction

Excess skin and fatty tissue are removed from the lower part of the breast. Women who have fat tissue in the breasts might just need liposuction for reducing the size of the breast that results in less scarring, less possibility of health complications, and less breast tissue trauma.

Nipple placement

During the procedure, nipple will be positioned at higher up on the breast. The surgeon might or might not remove nipple from the areola and then graft it in the right place. Generally, women who have overly large sized breasts need the nipple to be removed and repositioned. The surgeon will inform the patient whether nipple sensation will be lost or not.

Close incisions

The plastic surgeon will close incisions using sutures. Different methods might be used for sealing the incisions that the doctor will discuss with you before the surgery.

Post-surgery healing

At the time of breast reduction procedure, the plastic surgeon might place drains in your breasts to prevent the build-up or accumulation of fluid in the breast region and to promote quick healing. Fluids that get collected at the end of drains has to be emptied about one time a day. You will get instructions regarding the drains. In case drain fills immediately after it is emptied or you have to empty it more than three times a day, then consult your doctor.

After breast reduction surgery, the surgeon would wrap up the chest region in sterile dressings. You have to change dressings one to two times a day post-surgery and then it will be replaced by surgical bra that has to be worn for several weeks during the process of breast reduction recovery. You have to wear the surgical bra at all times except taking bath.


It is important for patients to have realistic expectations of the procedure. this will help you in achieving overall satisfaction once the surgery is done. Prior the breast reduction surgery, make sure you read details and study about it. Preparing for the procedure is one of the best ways to know what results will it give.

If you are considering undergoing breast reduction surgery and want to learn more about the procedure then we can schedule an appointment with the plastic surgeon having expertise in performing the procedure. consulting a surgeon would help you understand the procedure, clear all your queries and doubts, learn about the risks and benefits associated with the treatment.

Results achieved

When it comes to the results of breast reduction surgery, they are dramatic and immediate. You will feel a great respite from chronic pain and discomfort that is experienced by women who have heavy and large breasts. Not only your breasts appear smaller but also lifted, even if a breast surgery is not performed.

The results, to a great extent, depends on the type of breast reduction surgical technique used. Most patients report that the conventional breast reduction surgery technique results in wide and flat breasts, while vertical incision breast reductions often lead to more shapely breasts. However, lumps and wrinkles in the breasts are common for many months after a vertical incision reduction method. In comparison, the conventional technique often leads to smooth results within a month or so. A scar less breast reduction method does not reduce breast volume as much as other reduction techniques, leading to less dramatic outcomes.

It is important for candidates to understand that breast reduction surgery results in permanent scars that might appear red and lumpy for several months after the procedure however will disappear with time. These scars can be easily hidden by bathing suits and bras and many women consider these scars as the fair trade for the overall improvement in physical pain and discomfort caused by overly large sized breasts. Also, patients should know about the peril of permanent sensation loss in nipple or breast skin after undergoing this procedure.

After undergoing breast reduction mammaplasty, the breasts would appear smaller than how they used to be previously. However, the breasts can become large again because of pregnancy or weight gain, or other events that trigger increase in breast tissue.

Follow-up visits are essential for safe and better healing process. You will get a list of instructions before the surgery. Make sure you adhere to it for timely and quick recovery. If you observe any complications or signs other than informed by the surgeon then consult him.

Costs associated with breast reduction

Just like any other plastic surgery procedure, the cost involving breast reduction mammaplasty depends on several factors. It is crucial for the success of the procedure that you choose an experienced, board-certified, trained and qualified surgeon who has been performing the surgery for last many years, factors that influence the cost of breast reduction surgery include fee of the surgeon, anaesthesiologist, staff and facility where the surgery will be performed, whether the surgery will be performed as a standalone procedure or combination with other procedures, number of days you have to spend at the hospital. Make sure you discuss costs before the surgery. This should also include expenses that will arise after the procedure.

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