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Breast Surgery

Breast surgery is also known as breast augmentation surgery and breast implant surgery. Many women consider undergoing breast surgery process to enhance the size and contour of their breast and the natural bust line. There are cases where women needed breast implants to refurbish a breast after it was mutilated or removed due to mastectomy process. Women can choose from several sizes, shapes and profiles of breast implants to give a natural look to their physique.

But you should be an ideal candidate for breast surgery Delhi or breast augmentation in Delhi. The surgeon will evaluate your condition to find if you are a candidate for the surgical procedure. Generally, women who are lacking in confidence due to small size of their breast go for the surgery. Some women loose firmness of the breasts after having children. Others may have lost shape and size of breast due to reasons such as oscillation in weight. Another reason for the breast could be that one breast size is smaller than the other.

For such women, fat transfer breast augmentation or breast surgery is an effective alternative. Under this procedure, body fat is transferred to the breast area to make it larger and no use of implants is required. Many women use fat transfer as a natural way to enhance the size of breasts. This procedure requires use of liposuction technique to remove fat from some body parts having excessive fat. Then, the surgeon will transfer the fat into the breasts. Only few incisions are enough for the fat transfer and there is no risk of rejection of own body fat. The healing process is usually quick.

In breast transplant procedure, the surgeon puts silicone breast implants underneath the patient’s effected breast tissue. The purpose here is to increase the size of the breast. These implants can last for a decade and even more. The implants generally do not affect breast-feeding. The implant process takes around four hours and after that the patient is allowed to go home. The patient is advised to take rest for a week. The surgeon may place gauze on the inoculated breast to ensure timely recovery.

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