Browlift Surgery (Browplasty)

With the natural process of ageing comes wrinkles and fine lines that appear on forehead because of constant muscle movement making you appear much older than actual age. In addition, those horizontal lines across forehead or vertical lines between the brows make you look stressed or angry, or unapproachable or unpleasant. Fortunately, you can now revive your look by simply undergoing brow lift surgery. Also known as browplasty, this cosmetic procedure can help you in achieving youthful, smooth and fresh-faced appearance.

brow lift surgery

Be removing deep grooves or wrinkles on the forehead, and repositioning the brow to its actual position, you can easily turn the clock and take year off of your face. There are different types of brow lift procedures to cater to individual needs of the patients. However, all procedures offer beautiful and natural-looking results. If you are considering undergoing this surgery then choose an experienced and expert cosmetic surgeon.

A browplasty reverses the effects of gravity while tightening the soft tissues of the forehead for restoring a youthful contour to your eyebrows, upper eyelids and forehead skin. A youthful brow is placed above the orbital rim, with a gradual arch laterally, and the lateral trail or end of the brow positioned higher than the medial end.

When is the right time to consider a brow lift procedure?

  • • Low eyebrow or sagging position creates a grumpy, sad or tired appearance
  • • You have furrows or frown lines across the or between the top of the nose
  • • You have excess fatty tissue or skin hanging over the eyes
  • • You have deep horizontal creases across the forehead

Benefits of a brow lift surgery

  • • Raises the eyebrows to a more youthful and alert position
  • • Makes you approachable, happier and friendlier
  • • Repositions a sagging or low brow that hangs over the upper eyelid

Are you the right candidate for a browplasty?

It is apparent for you to think if you are the right candidate for this procedure. here are some of the most common reasons why you might want to consider opting for this surgery.

  • • There are frown lines between your eyebrows.
  • • The outer part of the brows sag resulting in sad or angry expression.
  • • In case you are female and not able to apply makeup on the upper eyelid, because the surface area has been obscured by drooping tissues because of the process of ageing.
  • • The central part of the brow hangs down giving you an angry appearance
  • • In case you lift the skin above your eyebrow into a pleasing position and it eliminates most of the excess skin in the upper eyelid then you are the right candidate for a brow lift procedure.

Consult a board-certified surgeon for an evaluation to determine whether or not you are the right candidate for a brow lift surgery. If you are healthy, have realistic expectations and a positive attitude then you are the right candidate for a browplasty.

Information regarding the procedure

How is a browplasty performed?

The procedures of brow lift surgery have evolved from open methods to more complex endoscopic and short incision techniques. Usually, this cosmetic procedure involves marking of incisions in the hair-bearing scalp however sometimes incisions are made in the upper eyelids or/ and forehead.

Open brow lift – In this approach, a surgeon makes a long incision across the forehead, either in one of the creases of the forehead or around the hairline, and lifts the skin far away from the underlying tissues. Then the surgeon removes fat and loosens muscles. Then the excess skin is removed, pulls the remaining skin down and stitches the brow into its new place. Trichophytic, coronal or classic are some other names used for describing open brow lift.

Endoscopic brow lift –In this method, the surgeon would insert an endoscope that is a long thin tube with a light attached at the end along with a video camera through small incisions made in the scalp. This lets your surgeon see and work on several internal structures of the forehead. This methods needs very minimal incisions however it might not benefit all patients.

Limited incision method – This hybrid method of both procedures in non-endoscopic with limited incisions. It uses a small part of the ends of the open brow lift technique incision for elevating the outer part of the eyebrows under direct vision without an endoscope. The scars consequential to this method are hidden in the temporal hairline, even in those who have little temporal hairline left. While this surgery does not correct the central part of the brow, it can reduce wrinkles at the corners of the eyes, also known as “crow’s feet”. Given that many forehead-lift methods are performed with an upper blepharoplasty, the upper eyelid incisions are used for completing the forehead-lift surgery by treating the frown lines between the eyebrows thus raising the inside part of the eyebrows.

The cosmetic surgeon chooses the type of brow lift on the basis of the aesthetic preferences and facial features. The goal of the surgeon and the entire staff is to make the patient comfortable while achieving the most natural looking and beautiful results.

What are the available options?

Droopy eyebrows, excess eyelid skin and droopy upper eyelids commonly occur in the same patient. It is important to understand that functional and good results can be achieved only if three procedures are addressed together. The plastic surgeon would assess the problem, considering the hair style and hairline preferences. He or she would suggest the best option so that desired results can be achieved. Here are some guidelines.

  • • In case you have a high forehead, to avoid further rise of hairline, you might undergo a subcutaneous lift. In this surgery, the incision is made near the hairline, leaving visible scars that can be easily hidden with hair.
  • • In case you have advanced brow droop with deep wrinkles and lines, an open brow lift might be the right option for you.
  • • In case you have mild to moderate horizontal wrinkles and brow droop, an endoscopic lift makes for an ideal choice.

What will the incision and scars of browlift be like?

The incisions of brow lift are based on the method the surgeon uses and would result in scars. Generally, the incisions are placed in such a way that they are concealed, frequently at or within the hairline, or within a deep forehead crease.

  • • Open method – In this case, the incision is made across the scalp’s top, starting above the ears and hidden within the hair.
  • • Limited incision method –In this method, the incisions are hidden in the temples that is temporal hairline. If the surgery is performed in conjunction with an upper blepharoplasty, upper eyelid incisions are used for completing the procedure by treating frown lines between the eyebrows thus raising the inside part of the eyebrows.
  • • Endoscopic method – In this method, three short incisions are made along the top of the scalp and a temple incision on each side. These incisions would be completely concealed within the hair.

Recovery and aftercare

The cosmetic surgeon would discuss with the patient the number of days or weeks he or she can take off from work and time needed for recovery and resume work and activity. Once the surgery is done, the patient along with the caregiver would receive detailed instructions related to postsurgical care that might include the information about:

  • • Normal symptoms that you will experience after the surgery
  • • Any potential signs of complications
  • • Incision care

It is important that you follow the instructions given by the surgeon for timely and effective recovery. Also, have clear understanding of the amount it might take for recovery. However, the recovery amount varies from patient to patient.

How long the results of the procedure would last?

Usually, it will take nearly six months to see the results of the procedure. by then, the hairline and the scalp incisions would have healed completely and you will get more youthful and refreshing appearance. Gravity takes toll with the natural process of ageing however parts of the brow lift, especially wrinkles in the frown and brow line area, should never be as severe again and might return mildly over the period. Healthy lifestyle along with life-long sun protection would help in maintaining and extending the results of youthful appearance.

Consult surgeon timely for lasting results

If you want healthy and beautiful result then it is important to consult the plastic surgeon as and when follow-up is scheduled. Also, make sure you visit the clinic of the plastic surgeon in case of query or concern.

Cost of the brow lift surgery

When it comes to the cost of the brow lift surgery, it depends on several factors including the experience and expertise of the plastic surgeon, fee of the anaesthesiologist, whether the surgery is performed as a standalone procedure or in combination with other procedures, type and method of the procedure and aftercare medicines. Make sure you discuss all your concerns regarding the cost of the procedure with the surgeon.

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