Browlift Browplasty

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Browlift Browplasty

Browlift procedure is also known as browplasty. It is a cosmetic procedure that helps in removing excessive skin as well as fat on the forehead and gives the face a younger look. Known also as forehead lift, the procedure is especially is popular for tightening of any sagging of skin between the eyebrows. The best results are achieved by working on the area between brow and forehead. After the surgery procedure, facial appearance of the person improves dramatically. Any wrinkles in your brow that may give you an angry or tired look also can be removed.

Browplasty is an effective solution for those who want to avoid taking Botox cosmetic procedure due to its side-effects. Browplasty is a simple surgery. The surgeon makes a minor incision which is virtually unnoticeable. The surgeons have mainly two types of forehead lift procedures to choose from - classic brow lift and endoscopic brow lift.

The classic brow lift starts from one year and reaches o the other ear through the patient’s forehead. The surgeon makes a coronal incision to remove any excess fat or skin and then resurface the eyebrows and forehead to tighten them for a youthful look. The endoscopic brow lift involves small incisions of less than one inch in length by the surgeon. Such 3-5 incisions are made on the patient’s scalp. After the incisions are made, the surgeon inserts the endoscope into the incision to see the fat tissues and muscles that are underneath the skin. In this way, the surgeon can locate the unnecessary fat of layers of skin to remove it from eyebrow and forehead areas.

Who is a good candidate for browlift procedure? Those people who are not happy with their frown lines in their forehead or furrows may consider the surgery. Sometimes, people get these flaws due to aging and stress. The procedure is helpful in erasing the signs of aging from forehead. The surgeon will remove the excessive fat tissues to tighten the forehead skin and muscles. However, make sure that you find out an experienced surgeon to do the surgery entirely to your satisfaction. You may also be interested in searching for a less costly surgeon. You can use this site to locate best surgeons in your locality and compare the costs as well so that the surgery is not a financial burden for you. After the surgery, follow your surgeon’s instructions for any medications to avoid any complications.