Buttock Lift Surgery

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Buttock Lift Surgery

Buttock lift surgery procedure reshapes the disfigured buttocks. With the age and pregnancy or other reasons such as weight loss, many people, especially women, loose shape of their buttocks. Such buttocks become droopy and the muscles start sagging. The buttocks are no longer round and solid as they were before. Buttock lift surgery can fix this problem by lifting the muscles back to their original position.

Mainly two types of patients go for buttock lift surgery. The patients are either having excessive volume of fat on the lower buttocks or need to lift it up or, they have insufficient volume in the uppermost part of the buttocks. The surgeon ensures that the skin of the buttock gets its shape back and it becomes tighter and firmer.

The surgeon can choose to perform one technique and a single procedure to lift up the buttock. But if need be so, the surgeon can also use a combination of liposculpture and lipostructure or buttock prostheses technique. Generally, the surgeons can use the procedure in three ways. They can opt for buttock lift, buttock fold correction or buttock lift with implants as the need for the surgery be keeping the patient’s requirements.

The surgeon will remove the excessive fat and skin from not only from buttocks but also from waist and hips to give the lower body a proportionate shape. In most of the cases, the surgeon makes an ellipsoidal shape incision that runs from hip to hip at the lower back. The surgeon generally performs the surgery as a day treatment and under intravenous sedation. After the treatment, the patient has to wear an elasticated trouser for 3 to 6 weeks.

After the surgery, you must be prepared to have a visible scar on the effected part of the body. Though the scar will fade but it still is visible to some extent. It takes 12 to 18 months for the scar to become fully mature. Until then, make sure that you protect the scar from the sun. You will see the full results of the buttock lift surgery after the swelling has disappeared. Generally, you will take one year before the wound, tissue and the scar is finally healed. Your buttock will come to the shape for ever after the surgery.

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