Buttock Lift

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Buttock Lift

Buttock lift surgery is also known as belt Lipectomy. The surgery is useful in removing excess sagging of buttock and it improve buttock posturing. Many people go for the surgery to reduce layers of skins on thigh that have developed due to weight loss, gravity and aging or simply due to genetics. The surgeon raises or tightens the skin over the buttocks and makes them appear less wrinkled, dimpled and saggy.

A good candidate for buttock lift surgery is the one having loss of skin elasticity due to massive weight loss or aging. People with crinkled, dimpled and flabby thighs can also opt for the surgery. But the patients must quit smoke well ahead of the surgery and they must have a positive outlook of the life. The patients must also set realistic surgery goals, meaning that they must know what they want to achieve from the surgery. Post surgery, the individuals must commit themselves to a healthy lifestyle that include taking nutrition based diet and a follow a fitness schedule. You should consult an expert buttock lift surgeon to determine if you are a candidate for the surgery.

Before putting you under the knife, the surgeon will evaluate your current general health and pre-existing health conditions. You will be assessed for the risk factors. The surgeon will examine your body by taking its photographs, detailed measurements and medical record. You will also be given buttock lift options. You will also be told about the possible risks and the ways to manage them.

The buttock lift surgery procedure can be performed as part of a body lift or circumferential abdominoplasty. There is no one procedure followed by surgeons for buttock lift surgery. The experienced surgeons tailor a method that suits to an individual’s body shape and also after evaluating the amount of fat and skin to be reduced. After the surgery, the surgeon will apply a sterile dressing and you will be asked to wear an elastic girdle or a compression garment to hold the skin tightly so that it does not swell.

You can expect desired result of buttock lift surgery almost immediately. In some cases, however, your final results may appear after several months. For long-lasting results, follow the instructions from your surgeon. You may be advised to take complete rest for two to three weeks and to avoid a strenuous activity. Make sure that you approach an experience buttock lift surgeon.