Cheek Augmentation

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Cheek Augmentation

As the time passes and you grow older, your cheeks become saggy due to loss of fat and impact of increasing age. The youthful and beautiful appearance of cheeks gradually fades away over the time and you end up having a sunken-in look. Those who are not blessed with natural high cheekbones are also the worst sufferers of the cheeks losing the fat and becoming saggy. A dependable solution to the problem is cheek augmentation. The surgeon can bring back the sculpted cheeks through use of surgical treatments to restore the volume and plumpness of your cheeks.

The surgeon will weigh in the options for cheek augmentations. One such option is fat grafting and transfer. This technique allows for using your own fat, taken from your hip or butt or any other part of the body, and transfer the fat to your cheek. Another option is cheek implants. The surgeon can opt for silicone implants that add a lot of volume to the cheeks. Fillers and injectable are also used for cheek augmentation. A variety of injectable is available to inject filers along the cheekbone.

An ideal candidate for cheek augmentation is the one having flat and deflated-looking cheeks. People whose cheeks are lacking in definition also go for the surgery procedure. Many people experience hollows in the cheeks or they have temples. Others have wrinkles on the cheeks. These people can benefit from undergoing the treatment. During fat grafting, the surgeon will put the patient under general anesthesia or sedation before injecting fat taken from other part of the body. You get about 10 days of recovery time with fillers.

After the surgery, you can expect some swelling on the cheeks for around 10 days. There will not be any allergic reaction as the fat tissue is from your own body. After the procedure, you can expect an aesthetically improved face with little traces of age. Cheek augmentation is entirely safe and secure procedure. There are no allergic reactions and no side-effects noticed in most of the cases.

However, make sure that you find out an experienced surgeon in your vicinity. This site can help you know about the clinics that perform cheek augmentation surgery. You can also know and compare the costs involved in the surgery so that you can settle for the best services at the lowest possible costs. So, lift up your sagging cheeks and make them look youthful once again.