Cheek Augmentation Surgery

The cosmetic procedures can help a person appear attractive and beautiful. Of several procedures, one that has gained popularity in recent years is cheek augmentation. This procedure aims at adding contour to cheeks that lack definition. People who have a flat or narrow face, have lost cheek contour or have a week cheek structure because of the effects of ageing can benefit from this aesthetic treatment. The procedure is simple and also low cost of cheek implants make it one of the most sought after cosmetic solution.

Cheek Augmentation Surgery

What are cheek bone implants?

Although not many people know about these implants, they are being used since 1956 and have a proven record for effective and safe cosmetic enhancement. They are made using different types of materials that usually range from flexible to rigid. They are easily available in different types of sizes and shapes, and can be customized as per the requirements of a patient. Some cheek implants, like the ones made using silicone, do not integrate with tissue and can be removed at the later stage. Other types of implants such as hydroxyapatite implants, easily integrate with natural bone tissue and become part of the cheek structure.

Cheek Implant Surgery

When cheek implants is performed in conjunction with other facial plastic surgery procedure such as an eyelid lift, facelift, nose surgery or a brow lift, the implants can be inserted through the incisions made for those specific procedures. However, when these are not used in conjunction with other cosmetic treatments, the cheek implants are placed on their own through small incisions that are made in the lower eyelids or mouth. Then the implants are placed into small pockets created by the plastic surgeon in the cheek tissue. Sutures are closed with the stitches. These stitches are removed in about ten to fifteen days of the procedure, or they dissolve in the same period if placed inside the mouth. The surgery is performed under general anaesthesia and the procedure lasts for two to three hours.

Cheek augmentation or cheek implantation

With the natural process of ageing, cheek becomes hollow as skin becomes sag. This gives you tired look. Counting on cheek augmentation is the best solution to this problem. The bone in the face changes with time and thus the skin muscles fail to adhere to the bone properly. When it comes to this procedure, it is a minimally invasive surgery with minimum incisions. It lifts the cheek making them appear younger. The fat deposits in cheek are repositioned under the skin by making use of a suspension system. The incision is made between the forehead and the ears and two small pin holes in the cheeks provide easy access to the fat deposits or fat pad. The sutures help in keeping the augmentation of the cheeks in place.

Cheek augmentation with injectable fillers

One biggest problem that comes with process of ageing is loss of volume. Injectable fillers make for a great wayto address this particular issue in a localised way. The lost volume could be restored by using injectable fillers. The outcomes for the procedure are good for six months to a year and the contours of the face are restored during the surgery. The fillers comprise of collagen stimulating substances that redefine the shape of the cheeks. The outcomes of the surgery are great. The areas around the eyes look more youthful. The correct technique for using fillers is to place them in front of the cheeks instead on the sides of the cheekbones giving your face a more natural and beautiful look.

What all can you expect out for cheek augmentation surgery?

Though the results of this cosmetic procedure might be visible immediately and they last for a long time, sometimes if the plastic surgeon performing the surgery lack experience and expertise then cheek might look overcorrected. Hence it is very important to consult a board certified, qualified and reputed surgeon to perform this surgery.


You might have to stay at the hospital for a day or two. Do not put pressure on your chin or cheek. Just like any other surgical procedure, you would experience some degree of discomfort, swelling, bruising and pain around the chin and cheek all of which will improve within first few days. The bruising might subside within the first week of the procedure. medication would be prescribed to alleviate pain, swelling and discomfort.

Maintaining good oral hygiene with teeth brushing and regular mouthwashes is important for fast recovery. On the basis of the type of work you do, you might return between a week and two after the surgery. No strenuous activities, straining or heavy lifting for six to eight weeks. It might take many weeks before the swelling subsides and the final results are visible. The stitches would dissolve at their own. Ensure to visit the surgeon seven to ten days after the procedure, as prescribed by the plastic surgeon.

What the treatment plan for cheek augmentation involve?

Though the cheek augmentation or implantation are very common, it is important to understand that if the surgery is not done properly, it can lead to bad results. The most important thing to consider when thinking of undergoing cosmetic procedures is to be specific when choosing the cosmetic surgeon. Make sure that you communicate properly with the cosmetic surgeon and discuss all your concerns and queries regarding the procedure. the doctor would discuss and inform you about the following:

  • • Any complications or risks related to the procedure
  • • What type of procedure would be best for you?
  • • In the need arises, any alternative treatment plan
  • • Will there be any scars and how long would the recovery will take
  • • Whether or not the expectation from the surgery can be met

Just like with other surgical procedure, there are some risks and complications related to cheek augmentation as well. Some of the most common and possible risks might include bleeding, visible scars, infection, hematoma in rare cases, allergic reactions, and adverse reaction to anaesthesia.

Associated costs with the cheek augmentation

As far as costs related to the cheek augmentation surgery is concerned, it depends on several factors such as fee of the cosmetic surgeon, anaesthesiologist, staff, expenses after the surgery and whether the surgery is performed as a standalone or in conjunction with other procedures. Costs involved in the surgery would be discussed during the initial consultation.

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