Chin Augmentation India

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Chin Augmentation India

Plastic surgery tourism to India has been growing fast on the back of the availability of expert plastic surgeons and low plastic surgery costs. A majority of chin augmentation candidates opt for chin implants to enhance the facial features. Chin augmentation surgery India is popular with westerners because of the affordable low costs as compared to the costs in United States and Europe.

Chin augmentation surgery procedure improves and restructure the size of the chin by reshaping the chin bones. The surgeon achieved improvement in the shape of the chin by using implants or relocation techniques. This is cosmetic surgery for those people whose chin is small and receding. After the surgery, the chin looks better and becomes proportional to the other facial features. Chin augmentation surgery is done to improve the shape of weak and receding chin. Because of a small chin, a person’s nose seems prominent and large. Such people benefit from chin augmentation India.

Some people also have a sagging chin due to advancing age and lax jaws, which lack strength. Other patients who suffered from severe trauma and disease are candidates for chin augmentation. Thus, patients can undergo the surgery for both the aesthetic and functional reasons. People who have sharp chin shape or the chin is too square can take this surgery. Those candidates having protruding nose or bulky neck can also benefit from chin augmentation.

When you opt for chin augmentation surgery, the surgeon will choose one of the surgery techniques. There are mainly two types of chin augmentation techniques available to the surgeons. The surgeon can opt for injectable fillers that involve filling of collagen, hyaluronic acid, hydroxylaptite and polymethyl methacrylate etc fluids. Of these options, the polymethyl methacrylate is more permanent. But these fillers can form lumps. The other technique is of solid implants which are commonly used for giving long lasting results. The solid implants used include synthetic implants that are made of silicone, which is a flexible material. Bone or cartilage from another site of the body can also be used for making the solid implants.

Make sure that you apprise the surgeon about any medication you are taking or any of your ailments. After the surgery, follow the guidelines from the surgeon for healthy recovery.

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