Chin Augmentation Surgery (Genioplasty)

Cosmetic chin augmentation surgery makes for an ideal option for those who feel that their chin is not in right shape in relation to remaining facial features. This cosmetic procedure is popular among both men and women. With this procedure, you can achieve amazing aesthetic results that would help in enhancing your overall appearance. The procedure can be done through facial implants for chin advancement or enlargement.

Chin Augmentation Surgery

Chin enhancement surgery aims at adding proportion to the chin providing balance to other facial features. A weak chin makes the neck look fleshy and thin. It further increases the size of a normal nose making larger nose appear all the more big. When the procedure is performed through chin implant, it brings the facial features into harmony and adds balance to overall facial structure.

The placement of chin implants is often overshadowed by other more sought-after and preferred cosmetic procedures can be a great solution for those who want to augment the shape and size of their chin. If you are considering undergoing this procedure then it is important for you to know about the intricacies of the procedure before making any decision.

Who is the right candidate for this procedure?

When it comes to chin augmentation procedure, it is important to know that it offers aesthetic benefits. Fine out who is the right candidate for this procedure.

  • • Those who have squared or pointed chin
  • • Recessed chin
  • • Fleshy neck
  • • Prominent nose

Chin enlargement or augmentation surgery adds definition to the jaws and banalances the overall look of a large nose. In most cases, chin augmentation surgery is performed in conjunction with nose surgery for achieving maximum aesthetic result and might be used with lip augmentation and cheek implants for facial balance.

If you are considering this surgery then you should not:

  • • Have unreasonable expectations regarding the results of the surgery
  • • Be in poor health
  • • Take anticoagulants
  • • Have consumed Accutane in the last six months (this medicine can affect growth of bone and cause keloid scarring)
  • • Suffer from hypertension or cardiac problems

Who do implants look like?

When it comes to the look of implants, it is important to know that it varies and depends on the material used for manufacturing the products. For example, Preformed chin implants, like the ones made of silicone or GORE-TEX, are in the shape of a narrow chin guard of a sports helmet. The plastic surgeon might carve the implant further for adjusting the shape to achieve custom fit result. Once in place, it should create a strong and natural-looking jaw line. Some cosmetic surgeons can demonstrate the aesthetic benefit that come with chin implants through computer imaging that allows patients to see how they might appear after the surgery.

Treatment options

The chin augmentation surgery can be performed by using either of the:

Solid Implants

These type of implants are usually used for chin augmentation procedure and give long-lasting and effective results. Synthetic implants are made using silicone that is a flexible material however has no complications like leak or rupture. Solid implants can also be made using cartilage or bone from some other body part. This type of method is apt when chin has to be reconstructed because of loss of structure in cases such as certain diseases and accident.

Injectable fillers

These type of fillers include hydroxylapatite, collagen, polymethyl methacrylate and hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid and collagen make for temporary options that last for months and get absorbed in the body. PMMA, on the other hand, is a permanent option. It is important to know that removing these injectable fillers is not at all easy. They can form lumps and might move to a different place.

The chin enhancement surgery

Recessive chin augmentation surgery makes use of chin implants for supplementing the existing bone at the front of the jaw below the teeth. The artificial implants settles under the skin giving a permanent boost to the definition and strength of the chin. This enlargement method can give patients a well-proportioned and pleasing appearance that is completely natural.

A cosmetic chin augmentation surgery is performed on an outpatient basis at the clinic or hospital of the surgeon. It is generally performed under the general or local anaesthesia. Usually, the cosmetic surgeon recommends the choice of anaesthesia after examining a patient. The entire surgical procedure lasts for 45 minutes to an hour. The length of the duration might vary depending on several factors.

The incision for the procedure are made inside the mouth between the lower lip and the gum or underneath the chin. Incisions that are made inside the mouth might introduce bacteria into the body, however there is no visible scarring. After making the incision, the surgeon inserts and positions the chin implant in front of the jawbone. Then he or she checks its appearance for proper balance with other facial features and might modify or adjust the implant ensuring that the right look is achieved. After this, the surgeon sutures the chin implants in place, and the surgery is completed. Sutures made inside the mouth would dissolve within ten to twelve days. On the other hand, sutures made outside the mouth are removed after the same period.

Expected results

The results of this procedure are excellent. You can expect to get a more defined and stronger jaw line. This would improve the overall appearance of your face.


It is important to understand that recovery varies from patient to patient. On the basis of the anaesthesia used, you might be discharged on the same day or might have to stay overnight or for a day or two. Distortion and swelling of the chin might last for two to three weeks. You can resume work and daily activities within a week or as suggested by the surgeon. Avoid strenuous activities for six to seven weeks.

Make sure that you adhere to the instructions given by the cosmetic surgeon after the procedure. clear all your doubts and queries. Visit the surgeon as prescribed. Initial follow-up visits are crucial for timely recovery. Also if you have any query or doubt, visit the surgeon.

Complications related to the procedure

It is understandable to have fears regarding the procedure. one question that sets most people worrying – Are chin implants safe? Chances of complications are very rare. Swelling and bruising are common and can last for six to seven weeks after the procedure. complications triggering to anaesthesia can occur and can affect respiratory system. If chin implant migrates then you might need to undergo a second surgery to adjust the implant into right alignment. Antibiotics are prescribed to reduce the chances of infection. Also, you might experience post-surgery numbness that would subside within a few days.

Cost of chin augmentation surgery

When it comes to the cost of chin augmentation procedure, it varies and depends on several factors. Usually, the surgery is performed on day care basis or you might have to stay at hospital overnight. You might have to stay in India for next ten to twelve days after the procedure. At Tour2CosmeticSurgeryIndia, we recognize significance of well-being and excellent health of our guests and thus our primary objective is to provide the best results for chin augmentation in India at affordable costs. We would schedule an appointment of our guests with the cosmetic surgeon who has expertise in performing the procedure.

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