Chin Liposuction

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Chin Liposuction

Chin liposuction is popular form of plastic surgery that many patients use to reshape their sagging chin and double chin problems. The surgery procedure can improve the physical appearance of a patient. This surgery concentrates on the area beneath the chin to remove excessive amount of fat and is a great way to get rid of double chin. Many people opt for this surgery after their all the attempts to reduce the fat through dietary measures and exercise have failed. They can get back the shape of their chin and face in a few days by help of the surgery.

Many people struggle with the problem of having an amount of fat underneath the chin and there is also some fat below the jaw. This is the conditions referred to as ‘double chin’. The plastic surgeon inserts a tube called as cannula to suck out the fat layers from inside of the chin. A very small incision is made under the skin area to insert the tube. The surgeon applies only a local anesthesia to avoid any pain to the patient. After the surgery, the area under the chin gets tightened and whole face appears youthful.

The surgeons usually ask the patient to follow some guidelines before starting the procedure. These guidelines may include taking some medications while avoiding the others. You may be asked to completely stop taking certain drugs as they may interfere in the surgeon’s ability to control bleeding. When performing the surgery, the surgeon injects a solution of lidocaine to numb the area. The surgeon will also inject a vasoconstrictor into the fat. Then, the surgeon will make two small incisions to insert a cannula into it for suctioning out the fat and the fluid as well.

The patient does need any overnight staying in the hospital as no general anesthesia is applied and recovery time is shorter. For two to three days, the patient is required to wear a chin strap to reduce swelling. So, you may be asked to stay at home for a few days after the surgery. There are almost nil side effects from the surgery due to the very small amount of fat removed and small incisions made on the skin area.

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