Ear Surgery Otoplasty

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Ear Surgery Otoplasty

Ear surgery also known as otoplasty in medical terms is a solutions to shape and position the ear that has been damaged for any reason. The defect to the ear structure may be present at the birth, which can be effectively treated using ear surgery otoplasty. The surgery can also treat any damage due to injury to the ear. The surgery procedure creates a natural shape that is in the right proportion of the patient’s face. The patient gets back the self-esteem after the surgery.

Ear surgery otoplasty is ideal solution for the patients having overly large ears, which is a rare condition and is known as macrotia in medical terminology. The surgery treats protruding ears that can occur on one or both sides of the ears. If you found previous ear surgery unsatisfying, you can opt for this surgery to get the desired results.

Children usually undergo ear surgery otoplasty but they must be healthy without any life-threatening illness. They should not be suffering from untreated chronic ear infections. The child’s ear cartilage must be stable so that it can be corrected for right shape. The child must also be able to follow the instructions well. The surgery delivers the desired results almost immediately when it comes to treating of protruding ears. After the ear has been perfectly and permanently positioned closure the head, the surgical scars are not visible as they are hidden behind the ear.

After the surgery, the patient may feel some discomfort which is normal. Any such feeling of discomfort and pain can be handled with medication. Some patients have itchy feeling when the ear is under bandages. But the bandages must be kept intact and should never be removed. If the patient removes the bandage, it may cause damages to the ear and a secondary surgery may be required.

Before undergoing ear surgery otoplasty, make sure to ask right questions to the surgeon as a parent of the child. You should particularly be aware of the procedure the surgeon going to undertake. To make sure that the procedure goes well and no complications arise, find out an experience surgeon. You should also compare costs of the surgery to have the procedure completed within your budget. This site is dedicated to the cause of searching the right surgeon from your city. You can search here experienced surgeon and the cost to find the best combination.