Lip Reduction

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Lip Reduction

Lip reduction surgery procedure is an ideal solution for those who have fatty lips and they want to shape up the lips. The surgery is a safe procedure. In most of the cases, the procedure takes an average of 30 minutes per lip to complete. Scars are invisible because the incisions are placed inside of the lips. However, one of the conditions to perform the surgery is that the lower lip must be larger than the upper lip. The surgeon will perform the lip reduction procedure under the local or IV anesthesia. After the surgery, it takes a little more than one week to recover from any swelling of lips.

People go for lip reduction surgery for many reasons. Many of them have big lips and they want to reduce their size. Some patients have a bigger upper lip and an excessive skin is hanging. This causes problems and bothers the patients. They want to reduce the size of the lip. Such people are ideal candidate for the reduction surgery. However, the patients who show excessive tooth structure with or without smiling are unlikely to be considered for the surgery.

The average recovery period for the patients is 7 to 10 days for those who have reduced swelling after the surgery. If the patient’s lips continue to swell, the recovery period may be prolonged. In the initial days after the surgery, the suture line of lips may look irregular but it settles down gradually to its intended line in 6 to 12 weeks. The scar of surgery is invisible because the surgery is performed inside of the lips. For many weeks, the scar may appear as thick, but it heels and becomes invisible.

The surgery procedure is free of risks in majority of the cases. A problem a patient confronts with after the procedure is of swelling. Considering the amount of fat and skin removed, the swelling can take many days to finally settle down. If there is greater loss of blood, the recovery time may prolong. However, the surgeons can perform lip reduction with the help of laser. In this technique, there is no loss of blood as all the cuts are made by a laser beam. This technique enables the surgeon to make the cuts without any loss of blood. This means that the surgery will be painless for the patient.