Lower Body Lift

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Lower Body Lift

A lower body fit is a surgical procedure to reduce fat from mid and lower body and dramatically transforms the affected area. The surgery eliminates excessive skin and fat layers form the abdomen, outer thighs, buttocks and hips. The surgery is also known as Belt Lipectomy. To get rid of excessive fat and skin, the surgeon places an incision around the patient’s lower body area. The incision is made around the entire body area in a circumferential fashion. After the surgery is complete, the stomach muscles are tightened and the body contour also becomes firm.

The lower body lift surgery includes tummy tuck, a thigh lift and a buttock lift. These three surgery procedures are combined to life the lower body area of the patient. The surgeon may choose to perform the procedure in one surgical session or in stages. Another option for the surgery is the Lockwood technique, which is considered as the best as there is only a thinner scar. There are no post operative complications.

The skin on the lower body area becomes loose and it continues to droop due to excessive fat or due to age related ailments. The patient finds the sagging skin unbearable and bodily movements become difficult to make. Some patients also experienced loosening of lower body area skin due to massive weight loss. The lower body lift surgery is also ideal for people who had a tummy tuck and now want to tighten the skin on buttock and thighs.

Candidates who have undergone a massive weight loss that changes body contour should opt for lower body lift. Some of the reasons behind weight loss include exercise, diet and gastric bypass surgery. The patients who have loose skin around abdomen and have posterior buttocks can also opt for the surgery. If there are heavy fat deposits on stomach, hips and outer thighs or the patient is suffering from abdominal muscle separation, the lower body lift is an ideal option to take.

Before taking up the lower body lift surgery, the patient must keep a stable weight for 2 months and BMI index should be less than 40. Make sure to not to smoke and stop taking herbal supplements, aspirin and multi vitamins 2 weeks prior to the surgery. But you must find out experienced surgeons who have been performing lower body lift for many years. This site can help you in locating the best hospitals for the surgery and you can also know about the costs.