Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Medically known as Gynecomastia, male breast reduction surgery is one of the most commonly performed plastic surgery procedures. The main goal of this surgical procedure is to reduce the breast size in men who have overly large sized breasts. There are different reduction methods used to perform this procedure including a combination of excision and liposuction or cutting out excess glandular tissue. It is always a good idea to choose board-certified plastic surgeon so that the problem can treated safely and effectively.

Male Breast Reduction Surgery

When is the right time to consider male breast reduction surgery

  • • If you are experiencing psychological discomfort because of large breasts
  • • If you are reluctant to swim, exercise at gym, or participate in sport and other such activities
  • • If you want to boost your social confidence
  • • If you are not happy with your body proportions and improve them

Benefits associated with gynecomastia

  • • You will find great improvement in your social confidence
  • • You feel comfortable in revealing your chest contours
  • • You can enjoy results for lifetime
  • • You will find great improvement in your overall appearance

Who is the right candidate for this surgical procedure?

It is important to know that gynecomastia does not occur because of any medical conditions. Identifying its cause is rare. However, there are some medical issues that can cause this problem. The first thing you need to do is consult your primary healthcare physician or doctor to rule this out.

Here are some of the most common reasons why you might want to undergo male breast reduction surgery:

  • • The elasticity of your skin is good. Successful male breast reduction surgery involves adequate skin contraction after the skin is removed surgically. Your skin might lack the required elasticity for food contraction if you have crossed age mark of fifty, have breasts with stretch marks, have sun damage or have undergone gastric bypass surgery.
  • • You are not happy with the appearance or size of your breasts.
  • • You have already tried exercise and diet for reducing the breast size.
  • • You experience physical discomfort because of overly large sized breasts
  • • You do not drink alcohol, use steroids or marijuana excessively. It is believed that these substances can cause gynecomastia.
  • • You are not overweight. Though surgery might help in reducing breast size, the results of the procedure might not be as good. It is for this reason you should consider undergoing this surgery within thirty to forty pounds of your body’s ideal weight.

If you have overall good physical health, realistic expectations and positive attitude then you are the right candidate for this surgical procedure.

Detailed information regarding the procedure

How is male breast reduction surgery done?

The male breast reduction surgery is performed to restore a normal and better male breast contour and for correcting deformities of the areola, nipple and the breast. Surgical options for this procedure include excision that is removing tissues surgically, liposuction or a combination of both these procedures. Glandular breast tissue is much denser than fatty tissue and is not apt for liposuction.

  • • Male breast reduction surgery is performed under general anaesthesia and the duration lasts for two to three hours.
  • • When it comes to surgical methods, the choice depends on the likelihood of skin redundancy after surgery. Skin shrinkage is much greater in younger patients than older.
  • • The most commonly used approach for performing this surgery is intra-areolar incision, also known as Webster incision that extends along the circumference of the bottom half of the nipple or areola in the pigmented part.
  • • The length of the incision depends on the basis of patient’s anatomy.
  • • In cases of severe gynecomastia, skin resection that is surgical removal of part of a structure or organ, and moving the nipple might be necessary.
  • • Minimally invasive male breast reduction surgery have gained immense popularity in recent years. In the ‘pull through method’ a very tiny incision, approximately 5mm, is made at the areolar edge. After liposuction, the glandular tissue from the overlying areola is pulled through this incision. The main benefit of this technique is the smaller size of the incision. This method is used in well-selected patients.
  • • Ultrasonic liposuction technique has improved the results of gynecomastia correction. In liposuction assisted breast reduction, there is less compromise of nipple distortion, blood supply and areola slough. Also, post-surgery complications and risks are much lower with this method when compared to open surgical resection, however liposuction-assisted breast reduction is not effective to correct glandular gynecomastia. The glandular and fatty components of your breasts has to be assessed prior surgery. For patients can be treated with liposuction approach only.

What are the available options?

Enlarged breasts might have excess fatty tissue deposits rather than breast tissue, and, in such a scenario, can be improved only with exercise and diet. To treat puffy nipples associated with this condition, the plastic surgeon might recommend liposuction in combination with a chest reduction using glandular excision. If you are thinking of undergoing a male breast reduction surgery, a board-certified and experienced plastic surgeon will determine the best course of treatment on the basis of your physical presentations.

How will the scars and incisions of gynecomastia be like?

Scars consequential to gynecomastia surgical procedure vary, on the basis of the skin elasticity you have and the amount of tissue removed during the surgery. Even patients who have larger breasts and get larger scars are satisfied and happy with the results.

  • • If your breasts are similar to women then scars might extend across each side of the chest, however plastic surgeon might try to hide them in crease.
  • • If your areolas are large and need reduction too, then the scar will go all the way around the areola region
  • • If the size of your breasts is small but they appear fat, then your scars would be small that is only large enough to admit a liposuction cannula
  • • If breast tissues are firm, then the scar would be under areola part

Recovery and aftercare

For better and quick recovery, make sure you adhere to the instructions given by the cosmetic surgeon. This will promote healing and better recovery.

Your plastic surgeon will discuss with you how many days off from work you need and when can you return to work and normal level of activity. Once the surgery is performed, you along with the caregiver will receive a detailed set of instructions about post-surgery care that will also include information about:

  • • Normal symptoms that you would experience after surgery
  • • Drains, in case they have been placed
  • • Any potential signs of infections and complications

Immediately after male breast reduction surgery

Here is what you will experience right after the procedure;

  • • Usually, patient is bandaged, has to wear compression garment, and you may have surgical drains placed in near operated area.
  • • When it comes to recovery, the first three days are critical and a patient has to be monitored. You have to take full rest, however not necessarily in bed, watching TV and sitting, or having meals in the living room is permissible if you are discharged from the hospital on the day of the surgery. You might have to stay at the hospital for a few days.
  • • Movements of the elbow and waist are acceptable, however make sure you do not make vigorous shoulder movements for the first few days. Lateral arm movements are usually permitted, however do not lift arms vertically. There are several variables; your surgeon would share details before and after the procedure.

Once the effects of anaesthesia wears off, you might experience pain and discomfort. If the pain is long-lasting and extreme, contact your doctor. You will also experience swelling and redness after the procedure. contact plastic surgeon to find out if your swelling, pain and redness is normal or indicative of a problem.

How long the results of gynecomastia surgery will last?

The results of this surgical procedure are permanent provided you have stable weight. If your condition is consequential to anabolic steroids or the use of medication, further use might lead to recurrence.

Maintaining relationship with your plastic surgeon is important

If you want to achieve healthy and beautiful results, it is important for you to return to the clinic of plastic surgeon for follow-up evaluation as and when prescribed. Also, make sure you visit the doctor in case you notice any change.

Costs associated with the procedure

The costs associated with male breast reduction surgery depends on several factors. Do not be hurry making any decision. Consult surgeon and discuss costs related to the surgery. Consider several important factors and things before making decision to undergo gynecomastia surgery. Remember that costs should include aftercare expenses that come along with this surgical procedure.

At Tour2CosmeticSurgeryIndia, we work in close association with some of Delhi’s renowned, experienced and board-certified cosmetic surgeons so that you can get the best results of male breast reduction surgery. When you contact and choose us, we strive to provided maximum care and comfort during your stay. You can be assured of consulting the most experienced plastic surgeons for this surgery.

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