Neck Lift

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Neck Lift

Neck lift surgery, known also as lower rhytidectomy, is a surgical procedure to remove excessive fat and skin from the neck and lower face. The surgery helps improve visible signs of aging in the neck and jaw line. Those who have excess fatty deposits under the chin can also reduce the fat using the surgery. Many people also opt for the surgery to lose neck skin and muscle banding in the neck.

People experience loss of youthful contours in the neck and face for several reasons such as stress, environmental conditions and heredity. Some people also have excess wrinkling in the lower face area and in the neck skin. Another reason for people taking up neck lift for people is that their upper facial appearance does not match with the neck area. The surgery can lift their neck.

The neck lift surgery is also performed for lifting of brows to correct any sagging of a brow. Many people go for eyelid surgery also while thinking of neck lift. But remember that neck lift is not a guarantee for stopping of aging process. It is essential for the patients that they have no medical conditions before going for neck lift surgery. The patients should also quit smoking. A good positive outlook of life also is advisable to have for the patients. They must also set realistic goals of the surgery.

The surgeon will evaluate your existing health and surgery requirements carefully before performing the procedure. You will be told about the surgery options after examining and measuring your face. The surgeon will take photograph of your face and neck to recommend a course treatment. You will also be told about the likely outcome of the neck lift surgery. Make sure that you ask relevant questions to the surgeon to know all aspects of your neck lift. Ask your surgeon if you are an ideal candidate for neck surgery. Find out what will be expected of you to get the desired results. Know also from your surgeon that how the surgery will be performed in your case and what will be the surgery technique.

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