Neck Lift

There are many people who do not pay attention to the appearance of their neck. Of all places, the neck is the first to show signs of ageing. In addition, significant weight loss or sun damage can also contribute to the skin on the neck of a person making it aged, sagged and loose. While we all put in a lot of efforts and go to great extents to improve or preserve the facial skin, the same is not true with the neck. It is important to understand that neck require care. If the skin on your neck is sagging or has lost elasticity, or you want to get rid of excess fat then neck lift makes for an ideal option to consider. A board-certified, well-trained and experienced surgeon can perform neck lift surgery so that you can achieve a slim, youthful-looking and smooth neck. If you are considering this cosmetic procedure then it is important to know the fact before making any decision.

Neck Lift Surgery

Who is the right candidate for neck lift surgery?

Here are some of the most common reasons why you might want to undergo a neck lift procedure:

  • • There are lines and folds on your neck
  • • There is excess fat and skin in your neck
  • • You want to have a sleeker neck with a distinct jawline that makes gives your face and neck a distinctive look

If you are in overall good health, have realistic expectations and a positive attitude then you are the right candidate for this cosmetic procedure.

What flwas and problems can a neck lift treat?

It is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure owing to the excellent results it gives. A neck lift surgery can help you get rid of fat and those loose bands of skin that accumulate because of ageing. It further accentuates the jawline of a person and reduces the ‘jowly’ look. Although it cannot completely restore the youthful condition however it can make you look years younger. In addition, it is possible to achieve the impression of weight loss with a neck lift, though candidates should discuss with the cosmetic surgeon reasonable expectations.

Sometimes, a neck lift procedure is performed in conjunction with precision liposuction for removing the fat around neck area. After the liposuction is done, the excess skin tightened and treated creating attractive and appealing look. Although most peoples who undergo this procedure age between 40s and 60s, however it can be done on both older and younger patients.

When it comes to the results of a neck lift surgery, it is important to understand that recovery as well as results depend on several factors, of which some are unique to an individual. However, there are some elements of the post-surgery elements that are common to all patients. It is important for patients to understand that irrespective of the scope of the procedure, the results would not be immediately visible. It is an invasive procedure involving some downtime and a period of healing. Usually, it takes around three to seven months for results to be evident. when they do then patients look slimmer and younger. The results of the surgery can last for many years depending on the lifestyle of an individual. In the initial consultation with the plastic surgeon, make sure that you ask as may questions as possible regarding the procedure.


Neck lift is considered as one of the most transformative surgeries in cosmetic branch of medicine. By removing excess fat deposits and skin from the neck, and restructuring the underlying muscle, a cosmetic surgeon can rejuvenate the appearance of a patient. It is counted among the most reliable and safest procedures in plastic surgery. Certainly, with the kind of advancements made in surgical technology over the past decade or so, it is now possible to perform neck lift surgery with minimal incisions and scarring while producing remarkably great and naturally looking results.

How to prepare for neck lift surgery?

It is important to note that even though neck lift is a safe surgical procedure, it is a major invasive surgery. Given that patients should be ready to make adjustments to their lifestyle and eating habits a few weeks prior the surgery. Intake of sugary foods, alcohol and excessive fatty food along with over-the-counter non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen and aspirin should be avoided. Similarly, those who smoke should be prepared to quit smoking a few week before and after the neck lift surgery as consumption of tobacco can interfere the process of healing. The plastic surgeon would schedule an appointment with the patient to inform about complete pre- and post-operative instructions.

Detailed procedure

The neck lift is a simple cosmetic procedure that usually lasts between three to four hours. However, duration further depends on whether the surgery is being performed as a standalone procedure or in conjunction with other procedures. The type of anaesthesia to be administered depends on the preferences of the surgeon and the patient. Usually, surgery is performed under general anaesthesia. While many patients just need local sedative, there are others who prefer general anaesthesia.

As far as scope of the procedure is considered, it varies according to the goals and needs of individual patients. Some patients are able to achieve desired results through a liposuction procedure that involves removal of excess fat deposits from the neck. It is possible to remove more dramatic results by removing excess fat and skin along with the tightening as well as restructuring of the underlying muscles. In most cases, neck lift surgery is performed along with other facial procedures like eyelid surgery, brow lift and face lift. Modern techniques and technology allow cosmetic surgeons to perform the surgery using minimal incisions that are placed conspicuously under the chin and behind the ears. It is through these incisions that excess fat is removed through either surgical excisions or liposuction. If patients prefer, slack muscles can be tightened. In some cases, a small part of the platysma muscles might be removed. Once the work involving the underlying tissue has been done, the skin is removed and pulled taut, and incisions will be closed with sutures. At this point, any excess skin will be removed as well.


If you are considering undergoing neck lift surgery then you better be prepared to take a few weeks off from work. In the first twenty four hours after the surgery, make sure you have someone to take care of you as movement will be difficult. You will be spending first few days in bed. Medications will be prescribed to you for controlling discomfort and pain. It is important that you buy some loose blouses or shirts because pulling clothing over the head might interfere with the process of healing.

Even after resuming work, patients have to be extremely careful and should not indulge in any strenuous activity such as sports or heavy lifting, for a few weeks. Just like with any other surgical procedure, there is a risk of bleeding and infection related with the neck lift procedure. swelling and bruising in the first few days of the surgery are inevitable. Patients should be attentive to the healing process as any signs of complications can trigger problem. Look for signs such as pus at the incision sites and consult surgeon if there are any such issues.

Of course, recuperation period would be much longer for those who are combining neck lift with other cosmetic procedures such as brow lift and face lift.


As far as the results of neck lift are considered, they improve over time, even after healing process is over. It might take six to seven months to achieve optimal results. Patients who drink, smoke and have other lifestyle habits that can impair healing process and results are likely to recuperate and achieve desired results more quickly.

Scarring after the surgery is usually minimal, particularly when the surgery is done by experienced, board-certified and well-trained cosmetic surgeon. The better-defined jaw line and neck skin would last between six and ten years.

Make sure you visit the surgeon as scheduled. It is very important to visit the plastic surgeon during follow-up visits. Discuss all your concerns and queries so that you can recover without any difficulty. Adhere to the instructions given by the surgeon both before and after the procedure.

Costs associated with neck lift

The cost involving the neck lift surgery usually varies. There are several factors that determine the overall cost of the surgery. Starting from experience of the surgeon to the fee of the anaesthesiologist and medicines needed after recovery are a few factors that influence the costs related to the entire surgery. Discuss everything before the surgery as it will help you make the right decision.

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