Rhinoplasty Nose Surgery

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Rhinoplasty Nose Surgery

Rhinoplasty nose surgery procedure works on bringing your nose to shape and it also is an ideal solution to enhancing facial harmony. Many people opt for the surgery to correct impaired breathing and structural defects in the nose. Rhinoplasty surgery can reshape your nose size in relation to your facial balance. After the surgery, you can breathe easy and your nose will look symmetrical to your face.

The surgery can change nose width at the bridge. People with visible humps and depressions on the nose bridge can benefit from the surgery. Some patients also have a longer nose tip that is a disadvantage in breathing easily. They can get that extra tip of the nose shortened. Large, wide and upturned nostrils can also be reshaped and nasal asymmetry can be restored. Patients who desire a better symmetrical nose, the surgery can bring the facial features to symmetrical levels. Some people who have obstructed airway require rhinoplasty nose surgery.

To undergo the surgery, it is essential that your facial growth is complete. You should also be physically healthy and you should not be smoking. Make sure that your surgery goals are realistic. This means that you must exactly know your expectations from the surgery. Make sure that you discuss your surgical goals with the surgeon regarding your breathing and appearance issues after the completion of the procedure. Any medical conditions, treatments and drug allergies that you have should be told to the surgeon.

Before starting the surgery procedure, your surgeon may evaluate your general health status. This will help in assessment of the risk factors. You will also be told about the nose reshaping options. The surgeon will examine your face to measure it for its correct symmetry. You will also be given the nose surgery options and a course of treatment to choose depending on your budget etc. Make sure that you ask the questions to the surgery to understand the surgery procedure, complications, medication and recovery issues very well.

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