Surgical Scar Reduction

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Surgical Scar Reduction

After a surgical procedure is complete, there is a scar left on the skin area. In many cases the scars are visible if the surgery was performed on face, hands or any other visible body part. Some scars become too dark and visible to make a person look unpleasant. This may also cause social embarrassment to some people.

In such cases, surgical scar reduction is the solution the patients usually adopt. A scar happens on the skin due to the buildup of collagen fibers which are also known as fibroblasts that the body generate to protect the skin. The scars gradually fade away over time. But to speed up the recovery, the surgical scar reduction procedure can be followed for the desired results.

The treatment involves a set procedure. First of all, an antibiotic cream is applied to his surgical incision. The cream prevents harmful bacteria from invading and infecting the skin area. The second step is to use a scar treatment cream that can minimize the signs of scarring. The cream should be applied after the incision beings to heal, which takes two to six weeks after the surgery. Because of the cream the process of production of collagen slows down, which results in a lightening of the scar. Eventually the scar flattens.

The appearance of the scar can be dimmed further by implying a noninvasive cosmetic treatment. This procedure is also called as dermabrasion treatment in which a physician uses a wire brush for removal of the upper skin layers. Because of the scar tissue growth, the upper layer may harden. Once the upper scar tissue is removed, the underneath skin appears and it is softer.

If noninvasive treatments are not working, then the surgeon will remove the scar formation through surgery procedure. The surgeon will apply a skin graft to the affected area in order to start the blood flow to the tissues of the area. After the scar is surgically removed, the surgeon will close the wound. This will stop the possibility of any additional scarring in the area.

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