Tummy Tuck

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Tummy Tuck

Many people are unable to lose belly fat despite efforts such as intense exercise and frequent sit-ups. For such people with excess skin of fat in abdomen, they can undergo tummy tuck procedure, which is also called as ‘abdominoplasty’. The surgery procedure will flattens the abdomen after extra fat and skin are removed. The abdomen muscles are tightened after the procedure. But tummy tuck should not be mistaken as liposuction, although many patients opt for both the procedures simultaneously.

Only those people who are in a good health should go for tummy tuck surgery. Generally, women having several pregnancies want to tight their abdominal muscles. Those people who experienced obesity once and now have loose skin around their belly also find tummy tuck surgery beneficial. But women who are planning to get pregnant should avoid getting tummy tuck. Future pregnancies may get impacted adversely after the vertical muscles are tightened. Also, people who want to lose excessive weight should avoid tummy tuck. Make sure that you use tummy tuck after you have unsuccessfully tried weight loss measures.

Before undergoing the surgery, choose an experienced surgeon for consultation. Ask the surgeon all the questions you have in mind. Tell the surgeon your existing medical conditions and any medicines you are taking. You should also be clear about your goals of the surgery. The doctor may ask you to quit smoking for a few weeks before starting the surgery procedure. Smoking can create problems for the patient during the surgery and it may also result in slow healing. The patient should not be on a drastic diet and instead eat well-balanced meals.

Under the surgery procedure, the surgeon will cut open your abdomen from hipbone to hipbone. Then the surgeon will contour the tissue, muscles and the skin. The surgeon will move the belly button. The drainage tubes will be inserted under your skin for a few days. You may be advised to opt for mini abdominoplasty if the fat deposits are mostly under the navel without moving your belly button. This procedure takes only up to two hours generally.

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