Upper Body Lift

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Upper Body Lift

Upper body lift surgery reshapes a body by removing excessive fat deposits on the upper parts of the body. Many people have excessive fat around the chest and upper back regions, which becomes uncomfortable to carry. The upper trunk or thorax is the area that the surgeon targets to remove excessive fat. This area is below the neck up to the ribs. After the surgery, you will see significant improvements on your body contours.

Mostly, the candidates who lost a massive body weight undergo upper body lift. These patients then lose their weight subsequently, resulting in excessive skin hanging. The surgeon will evaluate your body and examine your upper trunk. The surgeon will take into account your age, size and shape of your body and the amount of fat you have on the body area. The surgeon would like you to be in a good health before performing the surgery. Your weight must be stable. Smokers are advised to quit smoking two weeks before surgery.

The surgeon will aim at getting the infra-mammary crease, which is a crease of a normal weight body, when performing upper body lift. The surgery will place the crease in its anatomic right position. After the surgeon lifts the crease to the proper position, the next step is to but the entire chest in proper proportions.

After an upper body lift, you may be required to stay in the hospital for a night and then go home. However, you will be advised to not to lift your arms. In fact, your arms will be elevated for closed to three weeks at home if the surgeon removed fat from your arms. You must reduce your activities so that there is no tension on the incisions. You will feel some pain for some days after the surgery. The surgeon will prescribe medication for the relief from the pain.

Every surgery has some risks for the patients. Upper body lift surgery also has some possibility of complications such as bleeding, fluid collection, blood clots, fat necrosis, and infection, reaction to anesthesia and wound separations. If the patient has the tendency for poor healing, the scars may be permanent and noticeable. Some patients may feel numbness and sensory changes around the area of scars.

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