Upper Body Lift

Having an attractive and slim body is a dream synonymous to each one of us. For those who have fat deposits in the upper body part that do not go away with exercise and diet can now opt for upper body lift. Upper body lift is a cosmetic procedure comprising either one or many procedures including a breast lift, gynecomastia or upper arm lift to remove fat rolls along the back. Sagging or loose skin consequential to significant weight loss or post liposuction is removed for creating smoother and tighter contour thus improving profile and boosting self-confidence.

Upper Body Lift Surgery

When can you consider an upper body lift surgery?

  • • You are discouraged by deposits of loose skin around waist, arms and chest.
  • • You have recently lost a lot of weight through bariatric surgery or natural ways
  • • You have rolls of fat or back rolls around the edges of the lower back
  • • You have sagging, excess skin after pregnancy

Who is the right candidate for this procedure?

If you want to undergo an upper body lift surgery then you should be in overall good health. If you have sagging, loose skin, lost a considerable amount of weight or wish to improve body contours then you can benefit from this plastic surgery procedure. here are some of the most common reasons why you may prefer undergoing this procedure.

  • • The fat layers beneath loose skin are relatively thin.
  • • You have undergone massive weight loss through diet and exercise or bariatric surgery.
  • • You do not smoke. It is important to know that smoking slows down the process of healing and increases the peril of serious complications both during and after the procedure. in case you smoke, make sure you quit it at least six to seven weeks before surgery.
  • • You have deposits of loose skin on your breasts, by your armpits, under your arms and rolls on the back.
  • • Your weight has been stable for more than six months and you do not expect weight gain further. For best results, body contouring procedure should not be performed for at least two to three years after the start of significant weight loss program. This time duration lets your skin to shrink as much as possible and your nutrition be optimized and stabilized, factors that would help in recovery process.
  • • Liposuction done in your upper body has paved way for loose skin that has to be removed.
  • • You are in good health without any type of chronic medical conditions such as heart disease or diabetes. People who are in poor health are not the right candidates for such procedures. Only if your primary care physician gives a green signal that you should consider upper body lift surgery.

If you have a positive attitude, overall good health and realistic expectations then you are in all possibilities the ideal candidate for this procedure.

Before the surgery

The chosen plastic surgeon would perform full body check-up including any scars from the surgery done in past. A set of specific guidelines would be given to prepare for the procedure including:

  • • Proper washing methods
  • • Smoking cessation
  • • When to take prescribed medicines
  • • Restrictions related to drinking and eating the night prior the procedure
  • • Medications that has to be avoided

Detailed information regarding upper body lift

How is upper body lift surgery done?

Patients who undergo an upper body lift would be put under general anaesthesia. The entire experience depends on the procedures you have chosen

Upper Arm Lift

Those who are considering undergoing an upper arm lift would be able to get rid of fat deposits from the arms by liposuction. Also known as Barchioplasty, the results of this procedure are excellent. If you want to get rid or reduce loose skin on the arms, then the surgeon would make an incision along the back of the arm or below the armpit. For patients with significant weight loss, the incision will be made from the elbow to the armpit and might extend along part towards the back and on the upper chest wall. Excess skin is removed through this incision.

Breast Lift

Candidates who are considering a breast lift should know that the plastic surgeon would make three incisions – one extending from the bottom edge of the areola down towards the crease of the breast, around the areola, and the final incision would be made below the breast following its natural curve and crease. Then the excess skin is removed, nipples relocated and areola moved to a higher position on the breast. This is the most common and basic procedure to perform breast lift surgery. However, the surgeon might forego one of these incisions on the basis of the contours and shape of the chest.

Back Lift

If you want to get rid of fall rolls removed from the lower back or around their middle would have incisions on both sides of their midback or near the bra line in of women patients. Then the excess skin would be removed from the area and the incisions would be closed with tape, glue or absorbable sutures.

What are the options?

Depending on the body parts you want to target, you might opt for a breast lift, an upper arm lift or a procedure to remove fat rolls along the back or a combination of these procedures. Your cosmetic surgeon would help you in determining which of these procedures are the best for you.

What would be the incisions and scars be like?

The cosmetic surgeon would make several incisions at the time of performing an upper body lift however would take extra care for hiding the scars in the areas that cannot be hidden by clothing or can be easily seen.


The incisions made to perform liposuction are small, thus the scars are small too. Most scars of liposuction disappear after a period and are barely noticeable over time.

Back lift – The incision goes across the midback and would be strategically made to be hidden by bathing suit strap or bra strap.

Breast lift – There are three incisions made in this procedure – horizontally across the breast crease, down from the areolas to the breast creases and around the areolas.

Upper arm lift

Standard barchioplasty– Incisions are made on the inside of the arm and might extend from the armpit to above the elbow.

Limited incision upper arm lift – The scars would be limited to the underarm region.

Extended upper arm lift – In this case, the excision is extended along the arm down to the body for addressing fatty tissue and loose skin under the arm area.

Aftercare and Recovery

During the initial consultation and visits, the plastic surgeon would explain you about the procedure, recovery and aftercare. Once the surgery is done, you along with the caregiver would receive a detailed information about recovery and care. You will be informed when can you return to normal work and activities. Make sure you adhere to the instructions given by the surgeon for swift recovery. You will also get information about:

  • • Normal symptoms that you might experience after surgery
  • • Drains, in case they have been placed
  • • Any potential sign or symptom of complications

Immediately right after the surgery, you will experience pain and discomfort in the side of the chest or upper back for initial few days. Compressive wraps are placed around the back and chest. Pain and discomfort can be controlled with medications that you will be prescribed.

How long the results of the procedure would last?

When it comes to the results of the upper body lift, they are long-lasting and can get influenced by changed in the body. If you gain or lose weight after upper body lift, you might experience that results would start diminishing. However, if you are able to maintain body weight then results would last for many years or even decades. It is important to understand that skin starts sagging naturally with the natural process of ageing. Thus some body parts might not remain as taut as they were right after the surgery.

Maintain a relationship with the cosmetic surgeon

If you want to achieve beautiful results and also ensure your safety then it is important that you return to the cosmetic surgeon for follow-up visits at prescribed times. Also, if you notice any kind of change, do consult the surgeon. Consult the surgeon as and when you have query or concern.

Costs of the upper body lift

For those who are considering undergoing upper body lift surgery should discuss the costs with the surgeon before making any decision. There are several factors that affect the overall cost of the surgery. Factors such as experience and expertise of the surgeon, fee of the anaesthesiologist, staff and facility, aftercare expenses, medicines among others can influence the cost of the entire procedure.

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